The Ventotene Manifesto in all EU laguanges The Ventotene Manifesto – Swedish Version – Translation by Stefano Fogelberg Rota, Hannes. island of Ventotene, draw up a manifesto for a free and united Europe. The Ventotene Manifesto. Ventotene: The Altiero Spinelli Institute for. Il manifesto di Ventotene has 28 ratings and 0 reviews. Se vogliamo che l’Europa abbia un futuro, è allo spirito di integrazione che si deve fare riuferi.

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Wednesday December 7th, Monday January 9th, admin manifesto di ventoteneventotene manifesto. Beside this, their absolute dependence upon the Russian State, which has repeatedly used them in pursuing its national policies, prevents this Party from undertaking political activity with any continuity. Paolo added it Aug 30, Articles containing Italian-language text. All matters which would find easy solutions in the European Federation, just as corresponding problems, suffered by the small States which became part of a vaster national unity, lost their harshness as they were turned into problems of relationships between various provinces.


This desire to dominate cannot be placated except by the hegemony of the strongest State over all ventktene others. They have thus shown themselves to be the bodies most suited to the current international environment.

Damiana marked it as to-read Dec 27, The Ventotene Manifesto — Swedish 0. Bit by bit other social groups will gradually be drawn into the general movement. Essential historical facts are falsified, in the interests of the ruling classes. Zeno rated it really liked it Aug 29, manlfesto The multiple problems which poison international life on the continent have proved venottene be insoluble: The principle whereby the class struggle is the condition to which all political problems are reduced, has become the fundamental guideline of factory workers in particular, and gave consistency to their politics for as long as the fundamental institutions were not questioned.

All the reactionary forces can feel the house is creaking around them and are now trying to save their skins: The working classes must not be left to the mercy of the economic policies of monopolistic trade unions who simply apply the overpowering methods characteristic, above all, of great capital to the shopfloor.


Il manifesto di Ventotene by Altiero Spinelli. The absolute sovereignty of national States has led to the desire of each of them to dominate, since each feels threatened by the strength of the others, and considers that its “living space” should include increasingly vast territories that give it the right to free movement and provide self-sustenance without needing to rely on others. Luca Dalla Valle marked it as to-read Nov 14, Cirano rated it it was amazing Apr 25, The nation States, in fact, have so deeply planned their respective economies, that the main question would soon be which group of economic interests, i.

They give their adversaries the weapons they need to veentotene them. Since it will be the moment for new action, it will also be the moment for new men: Taking as its starting point the problem which is the source of greatest suffering to individuals and classes, it must show how this problem is linked to other problems, and what the real solution will be.

Matteo rated it it was amazing Jan 16, With a view to indicating the content of this principle in greater detail, we emphasize the following points while stressing the need to id the appropriateness of every point in the programme and means of achieving them in relationship to the indispensable premise of European unity: The Ventotene Manifesto — Gaelic The Ventotene Manifesto — Polish Liberal and democratic systems increasingly lost their prestige by becoming the tools that these groups will always resort to in order to exploit all of society even more.

Germany’s defeat would not automatically lead to the reorganization of Europe in accordance with our ideal of civilization. The Ventotene Manifesto — Czech All the old conservative institutions that have hindered this process will either have collapsed or will be teetering on the verge of collapse. They will certainly be the most dangerous force to be faced.

The Ventotene Manifesto in all EU laguanges

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. All religious faiths are manigesto be equally respected, but the State must no longer have earmark funds for religion.


Gianluca Ancellotti rated it it was amazing Oct 01, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. From the very earliest age, children are taught to handle weapons and hate foreigners.

Ophelinha rated it really liked it Oct 26, In order to respond to our needs, the European revolution must be socialist, i. Books by Altiero Spinelli. Everything that is affirmed must prove its worth or disappear. Andrea marked it as to-read Jul 14, Nunzia Lucente marked it as to-read Jun 01, Davide Montanaro rated it it was amazing Nov 22, Even if the corporative chambers were a sincere expression of the will of the various categories of producers, the representative bodies of the various professional categories could never be qualified to handle questions of general policy.

The colossal fortunes of a very few people have been preserved, as has the poverty of the masses, excluded from the enjoyment of the fruits of modern culture.

When the threat became all too serious at the end of the First World War, it was only natural that these privileged classes should have warmly welcomed and supported the rise of dictatorships that removed their adversaries legalislative weapons. It would be superfluous to dwell at length on constitutional institutions, not knowing at this stage, or being able to foresee, the circumstances under which they will be drawn up and will have to manifestk.

manifesto di ventotene – Istituto di Studi Federalisti Altiero Spinelli

At the same time, the tracks guiding these forces towards objectives of greatest benefit for all society must be strengthened and perfected. The field of proletarian possibilities is so restricted that workers are often forced to accept exploitation by anyone who offers a job in order to make a living. Men are no longer considered free citizens who can use the State to achieve collective goals.

The Ventotene Manifesto — English