Rolan has appeared in the following books: Manacled in Monaco (Mediterranean Mambo #1). Jianne Carlo – Manacled in Monaco. Two margaritas, a nice lazy swim in the pool , and one phonecall from my mom later, I’m back for a bit. – Buy Manacled in Monaco book online at best prices in india on Read Manacled in Monaco book reviews & author details and more at.

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We have three very handsome sons, Jodan, Jarin, and Josun, who are all thank the Lord over the age of 20 and all are killing their parents finacially enrolled in scattered Florida Universities. Drawing her closer, he bent his head and gave into his initial instinctive reaction, sipping at her mouth, nibbling, tasting. Mediterranean Mambo, Book 1 Release Date: One hand cradling his neck, the other thrown across a king-sized pillow, he slid his thighs apart over the cool satin sheets to give the expert mouth cocooning his randy prick better access.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. In Season Children of Nanook 3: Your wife is nothing short of astounding. Age, it had to be, since he was twenty-nine and tired of the same old, same old. Rolan’s a control freak bent on domination. Sarita wants Rolan, but she wants her independence.

Manacled in Monaco (book) by Jianne Carlo on AuthorsDen

How lucky that you were able to have such a wonderful travel experience with your Mom. I met and married my husband of 31 years in Canada while attending college.

What were the odds of her son’s father chartering the manaclex yacht she’s crewing for a decade later? He tugged the tray away and set it on the table. Can’t wait for the next one! Erotic, multicultural, contemporary suspense: It was the best, best trip ever! What a great way to introduce yourself and give us a glimpse into yourself. You are one lucky son of a bitch. Newer Post Older Post Home.


My first novel, Manacled in Monaco, was published by Loose-Id in June, and I’ve received wonderful reviews for the book. The sleeved midriff top fitted her petite form like a second skin and her nipples punctuated the silk material.

Then he runs into Sarita Khan, the nose-in-a-book classmate whose virginity he claimed on prom night on the fifty-yard line and whose memory has fueled his fantasies for over ten years.

And that he’d still make her burn like he did ten years ago? That bronze-dusted complexion paled beneath his scrutiny and she swayed, the breakfast tray balanced on her forearms listing back and forth.

Immersed in manaclrd out the deep insecurity the mere presence of Rizzo generated, his crazy reaction to Sarita, the future awaiting the three of them, the two miles to the dock jn to take mere minutes. Here’s an excerpt from Manacled, which explains the Hindu festival of Manaled, a wonderful and beautiful celebration of the conquest of light over darkness. His head snapped up and a stunned paralysis claimed his limbs.

This piece came from my paternal grandmother who did the embroidery herself. How many athletes made it to the Superbowl, not once, not twice, but three times? Determined to show her who’s master, Rolan slaps on the manacles — and turns this trip to Monaco into a pleasure cruise.

Manacled In Monaco

MM and I are great friends, so she lets me post now and then! After my dad passed away several manacleed ago, my mother kept bugging me to take a trip with her.

One finger traced the ornate silver headband decorating the bronzed skin of her forehead and he realized he had no control left. Thank you for another great excerpt. And all these Indian dishes. Your formative years in the Caribbean sound interesting. Money, fame, success, and nothing counted anymore.


Rolan slumped into the chair manaclex stared unseeing at the laden breakfast tray. Figured; it took him longer and longer these days, and the slightest mishap turned him off. Eyes crazy-glued to her delicate, heart-shaped face, raking a quick assessment of the changes over the last ten monaaco, he forgot Cindy, the boat, the injuries plaguing his career, everything save Sarita and sweet memories.

But a decade later, disillusioned and unable to pinpoint exactly what’s missing, he finds himself staring over the head of his latest arm candy at the end of his career and resenting the young buck gunning for his position. Lo and behold a year later I decide to write a romance novel, and Manacled in Monaco, and the Mediterranean Mambo series was born.

Not appropriate for minors, so run along kiddies. Some make you laugh; others make you think. Oh yes, and a few make you blush, too.

When you pick one of her books to read, you can be sure you will forget the time, where you are, and that you missed dinner. Free Blogspot Templates Sponsored by: Sucker Punch Vampire Territory 5: Those sweet elfin features had haunted his dreams intermittently over the last ten years.

Adrenalin surged in his veins and his heartbeat accelerated. Jianne, Glad you joined the pink fuzzies. Okay, I know that sounds awful, but think about this — she wanted us to stay at Bed and Breakfasts and wanted a road trip a month long. I hope you have as much fun reading these as I have. He should have picked the other one. One-liners definitely make for great hooks.

At that time in his life, he believed himself invincible.