Magic Quadrant for MSSPs, North America. Gartner RAS Core Research Note G, Kelly M. Kavanagh, John Pescatore, 16 April , R Secureworks is positioned in the Leaders quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Report for Managed Security Services, Worldwide. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services by Symantec’s global SOCs and retained in the North American data center.

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What risks and opportunities will be presented to users by information security consultants and outsourcers? Report a Confirmed or Potential Breach? It nortg a much larger presence in European markets. Prospective MSSPs should demonstrate the ability to deliver scalable, reliable, continuous services, and add value through security expertise related to the customer’s security infrastructure and the threat environment.

SAIC’s security service capabilities are well-known in the U. Several large, global MSSPs have employed these approaches with mixed results as validated by the service providers and by Gartner customers.

Smaller ameirca outsource security activities to increase their security levels and to meet regulatory demands, and the most direct way of doing so is by extending their relationships with existing IT services providers that offer security services, and by bypassing a competitive selection process.

As a result of these adjustments, the mix of vendors in any Magic Quadrant or MarketScope may change over time.

2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Global MSSPs

The Integralis portal displays normalized incident data, but does not provide browsing display of raw log messages. Viability includes an assessment of the overall organization’s financial health, the financial and practical success of the business unit, and the likelihood of the individual business unit to continue investing in the product, to continue offering the product and to advance the state of the art within the organization’s portfolio of products.


Innovation refers to the service provider’s strategy and ability to develop new MSS capabilities and delivery models to uniquely meet critical customer requirements. We don’t evaluate those other delivery options, but we do note when the providers deliver the majority of their security monitoring or management services by those means.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Global Managed Security Service Providers | Secureworks

As enterprises gain experience consuming IT functions, such as applications, storage and processing as services, security outsourcing will become more routine. Verizon must balance its approach to MSS packaging and pricing to meet the needs of its large enterprise customers, and of midsize buyers seeking stand-alone MSS engagements.

Article Lead Culture Change Read article. Compliance Insights Compliance Program Management. Symantec has maintained the top-notch analysis and support capabilities that Riptech developed. Bell is starting to improve its stand-alone MSS delivery capability, maggic should help address the needs of customers for which account-based outsourcing is not a good fit. The opinions expressed herein are subject to change without notice.

It needs to demonstrate that it is viable financially over the long term. Select Next Security Initiative Timeframe: HP HP’s managed security capabilities have been augmented by acquisitions e.

Magic Quadrant for MSSPs, North America

CSC has extensive delivery resources for multiregional coverage for security services, as well as a wide array of other IT mssls. To learn more, visit our Privacy Policy.

Excluded from this analysis are service providers that offer MSSs only as a component of another service offering such as bandwidth or hostingand vendors that provide MSSs only for their own technology.

The trust factor will remain the most important consideration amedica selecting and renewing an MSSP.


Magic Quadrant for MSSPs, North America – PDF

IBM must ensure that its extensive customer support resources are engaged across the breadth of the MSS customer base, and it must quadrrant communication between customer support and operations. NitroSecurity develops high-performance security More information. NitroSecurity develops high-performance security.

This includes automated vulnerability scanning over the Mspss and from inside the enterprise firewallthreat information services and active firewall policy management. Ubizen showed strong growth in managed security service revenue, and received high marks from Gartner clients on reporting and support. SecureData has invested heavily in training and recruiting skilled security professionals to provide More information. Symantec’s decision to rely increasingly on partners for consulting services may provide leverage to competitors that offer MSSs and security consulting services.

These providers generally receive very positive reports on service and performance from Gartner clients.

Nuspire’s services are composed mainly of multifunction appliance monitoring and management. What alternatives exist in case of service delay or interruption?

Unlike the general notebook. This graphic was published by Gartner, Inc. These deployments are also characterized by a limited need for analyst interaction, and can be served by a limited number of standard configurations that the enterprise quadgant deploys to branch offices. To consistently More information. However, many enterprises that have business with these companies include them on requests for proposal and often find that the path of least resistance is to add security monitoring quarant management to established contracts.