Quick Tips for Polycom Telepresence m Jones, John. My IP: My Contacts. Enter an IP address, extension. (E address), or URL to call. Notes. Polycom RealPresence Desktop is an easy-to-use video collaboration app that provides HD quality audio, video and content sharing for PC users. Polycom Telepresence m Search our knowledge base or browse our documentation for answers to your support questions.

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PolyCom m supports a number of videoconferencing standards including H. Manual dialling — enter the IP address or E.

Table 1 shows the results experienced. This feature was not tested during the VTAS testing. Data Sharing The software uses the H. PolyCom Telepresence m is a fully k100, standards compliant, desktop videoconferencing client that is capable of High Definition HD resolution [1].

This keeps things simple but did lead to some minor criticisms of the user interface:. The recent calls section provides an easy short cut to re-dial any polydom made recently.

Polycom RealPresence Desktop

PolyCom m is an excellent desktop videoconferencing client. Its intuitive and simplified interface lets users search directories for colleagues or friends and click a name to call, discuss projects, and share virtually anything from their desktop with remote participants and teams.

See Appendix 2 for a list of all of the CODECs that the m called during these tests, what encoding was negotiated, and how successful the testing was. This is a page user and administrator guide which includes guidance on all configuration options.


Configuration options are clearly laid out. The installation was simple and straight forward.

As mentioned above, it was necessary to change the settings on the firewall of the local PC. Video Tests All tests were made with the picture at full screen. The Quick Tips pdf is designed to be a folding double-sided A4 sheet. VGA transmit, p receive.

Polycom Telepresence m Videoconferencing Client | Jisc community

It should be noted that the use of these formats is dependent on the bandwidth available on the network, and the particular PC hardware on which m is installed. View active tab What links here. When in a call it is possible to maximise the video window, ploycom in full screen mode, or resize the video window to any size preferred by the user.

There is an audio testing tool to assist the set-up of microphone and speakers. This keeps things simple ppolycom did lead to some minor criticisms of the user interface: The white space underneath the manual calling area is literally a waste of space. User interface inflexible No recording facility Only shares the desktop — not specific applications running on the desktop. Polycom m Client 5 Users Discontinued.

Release notes to accompany the current edition of the software.

Depending on their configuration, some gatekeepers do not allow calls to be made by IP ploycom when the endpoint is registered to the gatekeeper. It is not possible to specify or control the call settings, for example the outbound video format.

Polycom m100 Client 5 Users (Discontinued)

Then click the Compare button below to view them side-by-side. This fully standards compliant polcyom worked well with all but one of the other H. The audio test allows the user to react to the visual representation of the microphone gain but there is no control of the gain levels. The installation of m was then finished. On the product website are various help documents: The software allows you to choose whether or not to use an H. The software in full-screen mode, during a call with another m user Figure 8.


It should be noted that tests are conducted on a live polgcom and so any results could be the affected by the state of the live network at the time of testing. Submitted by Paul Bonnett on Mon, Click any Product’s Add To Compare link to build your list. The issues that the H. The video window, which shows local video by default and shows remote video when in a call.

Simply add an internet camera, microphone, and speakers and you are ready for telepresence. With sufficient bandwidth and in full-screen mode it successfully emulates an H. Installation The program was downloaded from the PolyCom web site. These are repeated at each bandwidth while video quality is rated.