Until last week I could see all pdf files on lyx screen. but now I get the message “error converting to loadable format” for both eps and pdf. ln·-s·/usr/local/Cellar/imagemagick\@6//bin/con. vert·/usr/local/bin/convert¶ . XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I recently installed in Windows XP and Mac OSX.4, and have been receiving the same error when inserting EPS format graphics: “Error converting to .

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Hector Cadavid 21 1. Upgrade to Version 9, or do the following workaround:. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I know there is a lot of posts out there about this problem, but they convertjng helped resolve the issue. Use the newest version. Yes this dialog is weird – you don’t add an entry then configure it, you change the options and then click Add. On my system Windows 8.


Now you have to add the path where convert is located to Lyx. Sign up using Email and Password. Workaround is quite simple and may be done on per-user basis, whithout root privileges. This bug report is a duplicate of: The link shows a detailed example of adding a converter. View Edit Upload History Print.

I edited my contribution and hope I made more clear, how it is related to the problem. Thank you in advance!! I posted a general answer that should allow you to find the solution.


I’m not sure when it was expected to be installed, but anyway. The “Error converting loadable format” messages are displayed instead pdf graphics. Hallo Kazis, Have you fixed this problem?

If you see the “Error converting to loadable format” message only with PDF files and you’ve verified that you have the converter tools mentioned above, check which version of GhostScript you are using. The default settings typically work fine, but seem to change connverting time Add the laodable where the convert command is located to Lyx.

The XForms library can load figures in the following, widely used, graphics formats: Using the current page size. I’m using LyX 2. Please let me know your suggestions. Without this option everything works Ok.

Cannot display EPS files inside Lyx. The resulting PDFs can be a bit low res. Veridian Then focus first on the loacable and Lyx configuration. No such file or directory congerting.

If not, install ImageMagick first http: According to upstream it is a bug in ghostscript! Where the images should preview it just says, “Error converting to loadable format”. Reload the file with eps graphs should display graphs in preview now. It is called with following arguments: Seem that pdf to png conversion for the preview fail for some reason. Unrecoverable error, exit code 1 convert: It’s what the official fix does.


Under linux you might decide to use: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Email Required, but never looadable.

# – LyX: Error converting images – Debian Bug report logs

If you’re experiencing problems with previews after upgrading, you may wish to try to reset your personal settings. To view a image on the LyX screen, it is required a compatible format with that XForms or Qt GUI libraries, namely bmp, gif, jpeg, pbm, pgm, ppm, convertig, xbm or mng, png and xpmrespectively.

Adding a new converter will result in a line like. Save the paths and exit Lyx. Sign up using Facebook. Gs bug crash imagemagick. Hmm this no longer seems to work. Who is online Users browsing this forum: You can overwrite stock convertDefault. This fix should already be in Lyx 2. I’ve had one report from a Mac user who had this problem that it is fixed in LyX 2.

Change the From format: Veridian 1 4 Error converting to loadable format which leaves no real clue about what the problem is.