Hot Racing Losi Mini LST aluminum rear knuckle MLT $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Revised one peace rear knuckle, just like the big brother LST 2. Hit the roads, terrain with the Losi Mini LST2 radio controlled truck. Boasted with Losi radio system along with Spektrum GHz DSM technology, you can run. 1/18 Mini-LST Monster Truck RTR LOSB Losi Electric Cars and Trucks Horizon Hobby.

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Precision CNC machined from T6 aluminum. It’s wasn’t horrible by any means, but it was noticeable. Soft inserts inside the tire support its shape, yet still allow the tire to flex very well to provide lots of traction. I spent enough time running in the backyard to deplete and charge a couple of packs. It is the most featured model out there in its class, and nothing else can currently touch what it offers now how well it drives.

This axle stub is spun by a plated hardened steel dogbone lsi that runs from the differential to the stub. This truck is a piece of junk don’t buy! The Mini-LST replicates its larger sibling well, and one of the best places that demonstrates this is the included body that’s already prepped and ready to go.

Rear Arm Assembly Rear Drivetrain Axle The rear suspension arms are positioned lsf the same direction as the front arms, and function just the same with the main difference being the springs that are lat on the shocks. The antenna tube didn’t come with a cap for the top. The radio appears to be a basic FM radio, with analog trims and basic features.

The whole truck doesn’t feel or look like a Toy RC it has a pure Professional RC look and with details such as these clips to hold the body onto the chassis they allow for quick access and eliminate the need to flip the RC over to change batteries or make any adjustments.

In order to harness the intense power of the twin-motor drivetrain, Losi designed solid metal ring and pinion differential gears for each of the three differentials.

Losi: 1/18 Mini-LST2 Monster Truck RTR: Losi (LOSB)

I minu headed to the driveway to get a feel for the truck in general. However, you do have to make sure that both the radio and the receiver are set to the same channel.


I’m sure there are several llosi future Mini-LST owners looking at dropping a brushless system into the truck. Suspension Travel Losi engineers scaled the LST2 suspension down to deliver the most advanced mini monster truck handling available, without cutting corners on performance. The electronic speed control has the reliability and power handling capability to ensure that the motors provide stunning performance. Should you want to increase the toe-out angle, they can be trimmed to allow further adjustment.

The minl spur gear is sandwiched between a disk-based slipper clutch setup, to protect it. Four 4 aluminum Wheels with Steel finish brake disk. One front case half One rear case half 12 machine screws. Team Losi has set the bar, and in the upcoming year this will be the standard against which other minis are now judged!

The Mini-LST2 mmini features electronics with a safety circuit built in to prevent overheating and the standard 3-wire electronics make it easy to change radio components if desired. This made full laps impossible.

Ball cups and plastic steering links keep the wheels angled in a suitable direction. I guess that was my fault. I replaced it with a red Dubro Antenna tubeand had no further problems with it.

1/18 Mini-LST Monster Truck RTR

The truck simply behaves as if it were a larger scale vehicle despite the short wheelbase. I actually found that dialing some steering out with the dual-rate adjustment helped as well.

The rear suspension arms are positioned in the same direction as the front arms, and function just the same with the main difference being the springs that are used on the shocks. The small switch allows you to easily shut the truck’s onboard electronics on or off with the body mink. This truck is poised to shake up the RC world in much the same manner the Mini-T did a few years ago. Double check to ensure you haven’t pinched any wires on the wiring harness.

I ended up making a mental note that I would definitely have to seek out some track time to hit a few jumps, and then headed towards a pile of leaves. Had the weather been warmer, and the track drier, I lsh have had a different result. When Losi packaged the Mini-LST one of the thoughts that was first and foremost in their mind was to have a model that was as complete as possible. I would recommend to a friend.


Losi Mini LST2 Monster RTR Radio Controlled Truck

Quick truck and will tromp through some rough terrain very well. This cover keeps any debris away from the gears, keeping them in proper operating condition. I was a little surprised by the fact that the front end didn’t really lsf up in a wheelie, despite the power it had.

The plastic differential gears are one of the few areas that I could see where improvement could provide a benefit. Loosi I mentioned earlier a 4mm axle stub passes through a pair of 4x8x3mm bearings that are housed in the steering hub. I headed towards an area of the track that consisted of smaller bumps that make a washboard style section.

The oversized, oil-filled, threaded aluminum shocks provide maximum ground clearance, a plush ride and unmatched suspension travel. The twin motors can really throw the truck into the air. One of my axle’s stub pins had a slight bend to it, probably from the wheel being tightened at the factory.

You’ll easily see that the first time you power your truck and take off. All that’s required is to slide it into place at the top of the antenna tube. kosi

The tower gives the upper points of the shocks a total of two positions, allowing for some flexibility in regard to handling. The radio has a nice feel in regards to the knob, although the angled grip provided me somewhat of an awkward feel at first.

I ran through this section a few times and was amazed at minni well the truck took to this area of the track. The differential case resembles a standard unit, but instead of being a true differential cup it’s actually front and rear halves with cutouts for the plastic mjni gears. Two Phillips head button screws hold the plate in place, while four other screws hold the bumper assembly to the front of the truck. Metal Differential Gears In order to harness the intense power of the twin-motor drivetrain, Losi designed solid metal ring and losl differential gears.

However to combat this, the Mini-T’s ball differential can be fitted into the truck. This gear turns a plastic idler gear, which in turn spins a center differential unit.