Stream Tracks and Playlists from DISCOS DROPA (lo-fi). on your desktop or mobile La calle del zodiaco – La iglesia, El hacha, El niño rata, El pastor de la flia. Stream Frank Jr y Los humanoides asociados / Osergorp by DISCOS DROPA (lo- fi). from desktop or your mobile device. Robin-Evans would follow the trail of the Dropa to its origins, and was able to take a , the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner ran an article about the Dropas.

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No taller than 3 ft. Many researcher feel that the Dropa stone disks are definitive proof of an alien race that “came from the stars.

A total of discs, like Stone Age gramophone records have been picked up in recent years by men exploring caves in the Bayan-Kara- Ula mountain dropass, reports the Soviet Union’s new English-language magazine, Sputnik.

Today, the isolated area between Tibet and China is inhabited by two tribes of people who, in fact, call themselves ddropas Dropa and the Ham. He did so, but he had only a Polaroid camera with him. Once enemies, these two tribes now co-exist peacefully.

Much of what they learned seemed to corroborate the bizarre story recorded on the discs. The grooves, upon closer inspection, were not grooves at all, but a continuous line of an unknown writing! The Dropa people and their drppas stone disks remain as mysterious today droas they did in the late s.

It was obvious that the pictures were meant to be a map or chart of some kind, and that they were created by intelligent beings. Tsum Um Nui is said to have published discoa findings in in a professional journal, and was subsequently ridiculed and met with disbelief. Deopas is said to be the name of a tribe of Tibetan nomadic herders on the eastern Tibetan plateau. The Legend In the Russian scientist Diwcos.

The stone disks told an astonishing story of a ‘space probe’ by the inhabitants of another planet which came to crash in the Bayan-Kara-Ula mountain range.

On the walls carved pictograms of the heavens were found. The Skeletons The skeletons, measuring a little more than four feet tall, were found “frail and spindly” with “disproportionately large” skulls.


The Dropas ruling couple Hueypah-La 4 ft. The Russians, who have examined some of the discs in a Moscow laboratory, claim ls have made two important discoveries. One is that the discs contain certain traces of metal; particularly cobalt. Saitsew published a paper which raised a lot of interest in the subject of nonterrestrians visiting earth in the past.

Lionel Fanthorpe; Patricia Fanthorpe; P. According to the Gould-Parkinson system of transliteration, “Drop-ka” is Tibetan for “solitude” or “inhabitant of pasture lands”. The walls were squared and glazed, as if cut into the mountain with a source of extreme heat. Some of the information rdopas in his paper were based on the work which Professor Tsum Um Nui had done ols Robin-Evans allegedly lived among the Dropa for half a year and during that time he learned their language and history, and also impregnated one of the Dropa women.

His visit with the Dalai Lama was legendary, and provided a wealth of djscos on the reclusive, unique tribe of people. The Hunt It all began inin the mountains of Baian-Kara-Ulathe remote, uninviting slopes located on the border that divides China and Tibet. The Dropa stonesotherwise known as the Dzopa stonesDropas stones or Drop-ka stonesare said by some ufologists and pseudoarchaeologists to be a series of at least circular stone discs, dating back 12, years, on which tiny hieroglyph -like markings may be found.

Dropa stones

No record has been found of any of these discs being displayed in any of the world’s museums, and their current whereabouts are unknown. These photos are the ones that we see often reprinted today.

The stone discs were supposedly stored in various museums across China. Once there, it is said that they were scraped for loose particles and droaps through a chemical analysis which revealed that they contained large amounts of cobalt and other metallic substances. Chinese archaeologists estimate that the discs are about 12, years old, but have made no headway at all in trying to explain their purpose or how they came to be in the caves.

He was told that they had crashed there long ago and that their ancestor had come from a planet in the Sirius constellation.

Wonders in the Sky: Vintner 2 September Russian researchers requested the discs for studying, and allegedly several were shipped to Moscow. The men, women and children of the neighboring peoples Ham hid in the caves ten times before sunrise.

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For several years, nothing was heard of the disks. UFO encounters in the Far East from ancient times to the present. Further, his research claims that the Dropa people were hunted down and killed by the local Han Chinese for a period. The museum director could tell him nothing about the disks, which had begun to deteriorate, but she allowed him to touch one of them and to photograph them. The Translation Idscos experts tried to translate the hieroglyphs in the 20 years the disc lay in Peking.

Anthropologists have been unable to categorize either tribe into any other known race; they are neither Chinese nor Tibetan. When at last they understood the sign language of the Dropas, they realized that the newcomers had peaceful intentions Part of it follows Diecos the years since the discovery of the first disk, archeologists and anthropologists had learned more about the isolated Bayan-Kara-Ula area.

For many it would represent one of the greatest discoveries of the century, and change everything they perceived about their distant past and their origins as a people. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat He announced that he had deciphered them into a story that told of a spacecraft that crash landed in the area of the cave, the Bayan Har Mountainsand that the ship contained dscos Dropa people who could not fix it and therefore had to adapt to Earth.

Discks Riddle ” Riddle of Asian Stone Discs from Outer Space ” original newspaper headline Russian archaeologists are puzzling over a remarkable collection of stone discs, thousands of years old, found in the mountains bordering China and Tibet. The Caves Chi Pu Teia professor of archaeology at Beijing Universitydirected the archaeological survey of a series of interlinking caves.

Lolladoff claimed to have bought the disk in Mussorie in Northern India and that it was supposed to be from a mysterious people called the “Dzopa” or “Dropa” who had used it for religious rituals. The men had huge, bulging heads and puny bodies and were so ugly and repellent that they were hunted down by local tribesmen on horseback.