MAN VISIBLE AND. INVISIBLE. EXAMPLES OF DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEN AS. SEEN BY MEANS OF TRAINED CLAIRVOYANCE. BY. C. W. LEADBEATER. Free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. By C. W. Leadbeater. Chapters include: How These Things Are Known; The Planes of Nature; Clairvoyant Sight; Man’s Vehicles;. Man, Visible and Invisible has 50 ratings and 3 reviews. This esoteric classic examines the invisible bodies of humans, showing how the colors of the aur.

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This is for the time a dominant characteristic; and the whole astral body ane with its light. Affection is scarcely indicated at all, and such intellect and religious feeling as appear are of the lowest possible kind.

Man, Visible and Invisible by Charles W. Leadbeater

His efforts on behalf of the society assured his status as one of its leading members until his death in The shell is composed of the great mass of self-centred thought in which the ordinary man is so hopelessly entombed. For example, men have within them a certain amount of irritability, which expresses itself in the astral body as a scarlet cloud.

Of the states of consciousness above this we naturally know nothing, except that they exist. It is often sudden in its advent, and in most cases it is certainly not life-long in its duration; but still it does not fade away so rapidly as those which we have been considering.

That means that for the moment, while the emotion endures; the particular type of vibration which represents it is predominant in the astral body, as will presently be shown in our illustrations. So, in the course of his many lives, man develops within himself many qualities, some good, some evil; but while all good development is steadily stored up and accumulated within the causal body, that which is evil can express itself only through the lower vehicles, and so is comparatively impermanent.

In the astral body of the average man there is always a certain amount of scarlet, which shows the capacity for anger, the possibility of being irritated; and each outburst of rage adds something to this, and predisposes the matter of the entire vehicle to respond somewhat more readily than before to these very undesirable vibrations.

Immediately, and in a certain sense automatically, a vesture of this matter is drawn round him, a vesture which is an exact expression of such qualities as already exist in him, so far at least as they can be expressed at that level.

No fragment of the work which has been done through all these ages is lost, and nothing visibe been useless. After a time the emotion dies down, and the color corresponding to it fades away – but not entirely. It will be seen that on the seventh or highest plane of our system the triple manifestation of our Logos is imaged by three circles, representing His three aspects.

Johano rated it really liked it Apr 29, In the case of the average animal the point is quite correctly shown as embracing only the lowest variety of reason, acting in the matter of the lowest subdivision of the mental plane; but with the highly developed domestic leadbeager the point might readily extend even to the highest of the four lower levels, though, of course, it would remain only a point, and by no means the full width of the band.


In exactly the same way, at a still later stage of progress, the mental body itself becomes a reflection of the causal, since the man learns to follow solely the promptings of the higher self, and to guide his reason exclusively by them.

For the clairvoyant the question is not worth arguing.

Every one of them is more refined and delicate, for all thought of self has vanished from them; and in addition has appeared the pure violet with the golden stars, which betokens the acquisition of new and greater qualities. The case of the irritable man is a good specimen of these. And inviaible also is strongly disposed to hint that those who see a little more than ,an does must really be drawing upon their imagination for their alleged facts. One vvisible at least we may perhaps hope that our study of these inner vehicles will do for us: See The Christian Creed.

In other words, invisiboe such a maj, when a man is transported with rage, he is liable to be seized and obsessed either by a dead man of similar nature or by some evil artificial elemental whose vibrations synchronize with those which are dominating him.

Published January 1st by Quest Books first published It is this wonderful course of evolution that we shall try to represent to a certain extent visibld our series of illustrations, and though the most that we can do is to endeavour to portray the change which takes place in the various vehicles of the man as he develops; it is yet hoped that some idea of the progress may thus be conveyed to those who are as yet unable to see.

Slowly as man progresses, it moves up further still, and he begins to be dominated by principle rather than by interest and desire. Contrast with this the appearance which would be presented before the eyes of the man who saw only matter in the liquid condition.

It may be objected that this surely should not be so, as a man may undoubtedly have a sensual thought; but this idea does not seem accurately to represent the facts.

He became a high-ranking officer of the society, but resigned in amid a scandal. This indicates that the man has his desires ma under the control of the mind, and is no longer liable to be swept away from the firm base of reason by wild surges of emotion.

This at least may be seen, that such a body is not only much larger than that of the ordinary man, but also has its colors differently arranged. Among our Theosophical literature we have many books which treat of the other side of all this evolution, and catalog the moral qualifications required at its various stages.


Unprejudiced, I say; because we must never forget that each sees the other through the medium lezdbeater his visbile vehicles, and so is somewhat in the position of one looking at a landscape through the colored glass. They express themselves once more as coils or vortices, but this time as heavy, thunderous masses of sooty blackness, lit up from within by the lurid glow of active hatred.

It appears to be unable of itself to descend lower than the Buddhic plane, and there it hovers like a mighty cloud, waiting for an opportunity of affecting a junction with the second outpouring, which is slowly rising to meet it. Any fairly advanced and cultured man has invisibel fully developed in the astral body, and is perfectly capable of employing it as a vehicle if he were only in the habit of doing so.

That is why a man who shows himself after death as an apparition sometimes impresses his friends as looking younger instead of older than when he died.

Man Visible And Invisible

THE soul puts himself down first into the matter of the lower levels of the mental plane. Plate XIII is perhaps the most striking in appearance of the whole series, and even without any explanation it would of itself be an eloquent warning against the folly of yielding to a fit of passion.

Or again, either of them may be mingled with pride, and that would instantly show itself by a tinge of deep orange. If through us the divine light shines out more brightly, it is only in order that we may share that light with him; if we have gained a higher step upon the ladder, it is only that we may stretch out a helping hand to him. The very small proportion of yellow tells us that he has very little intelligence to direct his devotion into reasonable channels, or to save him from degenerating into senseless bigotry.

Of the beauty of form and color here no words can speak, for mortal language has no terms in which those radiant spheres may be described.

Man Visible and Invisible

mam Nitin Sonawane rated it it was amazing Jan 20, This third wave of life is represented by the band on the right in Plate III, and it will vissible noticed that in this case the outpouring does not become darker or more materialized as it proceeds. THIS process of learning is a gradual one, and the earlier manifestations of the undeveloped man upon the lower planes are by no means beautiful to see. The background differs somewhat from the ordinary astral body, for there is a total absence of devotion, and far less than the normal proportion of affection.

Cri rated it it was amazing Jan 06,