Mudras. Kathakali mudras (hand gestures). HOME · ABOUT US · About Us · Performance · Food & Accomodation · MASTERS · · Mary John · Riya K. Mudras (hand poses) play a pivotal role in Kathakali. Mudras tremendously reduce literary expressions to elementary notions very easily. The basic Mudras. Kathakali is a highly stylized classical kerala dance performance noted for its attractive make-up of characters, their elaborate costumes.

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Tail feather of a peacock, 4. Kathwkali The anti-hero drops the curtain and the hero is exposed in full view. Katti This is a complicated and meticulous make-up.

Hand gestures are another integral part of Angika since the interpretation of the text is mainly conveyed through this. Thripathaaka Flag with three colours: When the curtain holders drop and remove the curtain, the performance starts.

kathakali mudras

Drums beat becomes at top vigour. These five characters are named. One of the distinguishing characteristics of Kathakali is that the actors do not speak. It embodies two scenes and two verses. There are 16 double hand symbols and 10 single hand symbols using this Mudra. This is called Rasabhinava.


There are 13 double hand katahkali and 12 single hand symbols using this Mudra. This make-up is with black beard and black coat. White lines in oval shape are drawn around the eyes with red colour in between the lines.

Grand laudable make-up, highly peculiar costumes and mind soothing music go with Kathakali in a spectacular scale. Make-up The make-up, called Chutty in the bibliography of Kathakali, is also an art form in itself. The performer lies flat with face up on floor in a mat. Indian dramatic theory explains 9 kinds of basic sentiments, Rasa with a corresponding sthayi bhava emotional stayi mood.

There are 68 Mixed Mudras. For Purappadu the curtain is held by the stretched up hands in maximum height. No singing at this moment, but the drum beat crosses tolerable limit.

Three types of acting are embodied in Kathakaoi. White bristles are placed on the ridges, while lips are coloured red. Massage Apart from these symbols, this Mudra is used to show the symbols, Sprinkle, clapping hands, breaking skull of the elephant, chertishing, giving water to god and message of wrestlers. This make-up consists of white beard and a fur coat.

Wearing and fixing of headgear which is large in size is the next step. The make-up, called Chutty in the bibliography of Kathakali, is also an art form in itself.


Kathzkali Folded hands in Salutation: In olden times, 9. Trench ditch The musicians numbering minimum four and maximum 12 go into their job bare-chested and standing behind the actors in half circle format.

Misra Mudras Mixed Mudras: He shakes the curtain violently. For example to show the symbol ‘Indra’, the Mudra “Sikharam” in one hand and the Mudra “Mushti” in the other hand; for ‘Sivan’ the Mudras used are “Mrigaseersham” and “Hamsapaksham”; etc.

Dance Although dance is an important element in Kathakali, it is not the main feature. Kathakali was conceived by Kottarakkara Thampuran, an earlier ruler of Travancore south part of Kerala in the name of Ramanaattam.

Kathakali – Google Drive

For this tender seeds of sollanum pubescence are used. The costumes of Kathakali have resemblance with the costumes of Koodiyaattam and Chakyaarkooth.

The up-beat music electrifies the moods of the performer to display with defined and refined foot steps.