The world-famous drummer, Jimmy Blackley, died on July 16th in Barrie, Ontario, in his ninety-first year. Well known in the pipe band. View the profiles of professionals named Jim Blackley on LinkedIn. There are 10 + professionals named Jim Blackley, who use LinkedIn to exchange information, . 3, 3, 2. 0 KOs, 1 KOs. ID # role, boxer. bouts, 8. rounds, KOs, 0%. status, inactive. nationality. United Kingdom. debut, division, flyweight.

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And all the while cultivating something Jim would complain is greatly undervalued: We like to imagine our mum and dad reunited in a warm embrace, spinning around the ballroom. So shed no tears for his passing. Kaja Blackley shared his album. Jim drilled into me the usefulness of investigating new ideas, no matter how foreign I find them. Grudgingly, he agreed to let me give up my drum studies.

Publications will likely be available mid-October Then I studied with Jim Blackley. Join Group settings More.

He guided and shaped lives, not just drummers. The reason for this change is two-fold: Jim’s dedicated students, while unique and individual, all have a certain quality to them, an honesty and integrity that’s easy to recognize.

Jim shaped not only their playing but influenced the way they carry and conduct themselves. I took about a year off from studying…and went to see Jim at a time I really needed some direction. Create a website or blog at WordPress. While my time with Jim was 56 years ago, I was still working on what he taught me right to the night I retired from playing. I started to get more work around town. When the phone rang, and it was Jim Blackley calling, that was always a good thing.


We all have something glorious in common: Among many things Jim taught me was the difference between practice and perfect practice – he pushed me and inspired me in so many ways. These students kept a connection with Jim, and continued to draw from the source, even after their lessons ended. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Kaja Blackley April 4.

Shipping prices have skyrocketed. People, including some teachers and schools, are copying portions of each book, or their entirety and sharing them for free.

He was soon completely fluent in jazz drumming, eventually adding to its language. I knew from the time I was four years old that I was called to a different creative path, one that would involve words and pictures. Nor did our fifteen-month-old brother, Keith — but hey, it was an adventure.

So many immensely talented musicians blacklley Duris is absolutely right – we are ALL still Jim’s students, and I’m so thankful to be part of that community.

Kaja Blackley added nim new photos to the album: He rushed into the jazz club the sounds were coming from and found himself before Max Roach whom he later became fast friends with. I studied with Jim at Drum Village at the age of 9 – and I also remember my first Gretsch set, red sparkle, one of his kits.

BoxRec: Jim Blackley

Neither did nim and I ever meet face-to-face, but we did have a few enjoyable phone conversations about drums and life. Dad was very much about living in the moment. My father was such an excellent teacher that his lessons about the importance of discipline, how to break things down to their simplest forms, or to always start off at the slowest tempo to build a strong foundation from which to blcakley I have applied to my own work. He landed in the predominantly French-speaking city of Montreal, Quebec.


Jim Blackley

By day he worked as a draftsman; at night, until the wee hours of the morning, he set out to learn the language of jazz. It just seemed that shortly after I adopted that attitude of relaxing, and letting things go the way they would, things started to work out. Jon asked if I had interviewed the great drum teacher, Mr. His fame and many worldly accolades, still felt to him like an empty pouch. He believed that you use the present moment to refine your life and grow as a human being.

I did not want to encourage my father or the other musicians into believing that I wanted to follow the path they so eagerly blackkey. Dad played to sold-out crowds, people lining up around the block to see him play and his waiting list for students was at least three years long.

Thanks for the add. I studied briefly w Jim back in early 80’s. He believed in seizing the moment. We got to spend time with Jim Blackley. Not a defining person but THE defining person of my life. My wife and I were talking about starting a family and wanting to buy a house — just the things in your private life that you want to put together. I feel it is necessary to include the list because there are teachers who advertise themselves as having blakcley with Jim, who left after only one or two lessons but present themselves as having gleaned from the master.