he called numerics, was the ancient Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New . Important Note: Dr. Ivan Panin’s original work has not been changed except for a . Quote==Ivan Panin, the most prominent person in Bible numerics in modern times, was born in Czarist Russia in , lived most of his life in the US, and died. Ed.) Ivan Panin. Bible Numerics, as it is known and practiced today, is indissolubly connected with the name of Ivan Panin of Aldershot, Ontario, who made.

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There are nine basic fruits which numrics be evident in the life of the believer Gal 5: In 2 Timothy 3: However, some have been won to wave these lines of evidence aside as unscientific. The Bible itself states clearly that it is the literal God-breathed” living word of the Creator.

Of these 21, seven are named in the New Testament: Then in 2 Peter 9: It is the personal number kvan Jesus. Did the early Church Fathers use numeric codes in their interpretation of the Bible? It proves that the books of our present Bible, and they alone, have the required features.

Medical science tells us the human body is renewed cell for cell every seven years. The whole Bible was written over a period of years with a year silence apart from the Apocrypha between the two testaments.

Small neat calculations This article is in truth an oversimplification of the work of Dr Panin and others who followed in his footsteps. Views Read Edit View history. Seven occurs as a number times in the Bible 41 x 7the phrase “seven-fold” occurs seven times and “seventy” occurs 56 times 7 x 8.


Three occur in the Old Testament, three in the gospels and two in Acts. RussiaGermanyUSA. Practical Theology for Women Organization. It cannot be called a sentence, because sentences must have words in them, because only words carry meaning. He was a mathematical genius who died a Harvard scholar and a citizen of the United States in It was on the eighth day or the first day of the new week that Jesus rose from the dead.

Ivan Panin – Wikipedia

When we add together the letter values of the name Jesus in the Greek we get Dr Panin said “When I first made the discovery I was of course, taken off my feet – I was in the same condition as our friend Archimedes who when he solved a great mathematical problem while numreics the bath, rushed in to the street naked, crying ‘I have found it’.

The very next statement “created the heaven” is also sealed with Eight persons were saved in the Ark at the great Noahic flood. Moriel Ministries Religious Organization.

This time in Russia saw many of the upper classes leaving their luxurious homes to go to the factories and teach the less fortunate, for which efforts they were tortured, often to the point of insanity or death.

The word Amen or verily is valued at 99 and occurs 99 times.

Until his death inIvan Panin labored continuously on the discovery of numerical patterns throughout the Hebrew language of the Old Testament and the Greek language of the New Testamentoften to the detriment of his health. Panin demonstrated, either that every writer of Scripture was an unparalleled literary and mathematical genius, or that he wrote as he was moved by the Holy Ghost. I thought people would be delighted to embrace the new discovery, but I found human nature is always the same.


The term occurs 88 times and is valued at x 8. Banks, a worthy successor of Dr. Panin was known as a firm agnostic – so well known that when he discarded his agnosticism and accepted the Christian faith, the newspapers panih headlines telling of his conversion.

Bible Numerics: The Works of Ivan Panin

The works of Dr Ivan Panin have been put before the experts numericx times. Sequences and patterns began to emerge. English Language Bible Translators.

Those authors were scattered throughout various countries of the world and from widely different backgrounds.

Instead we find that Panin’s methods have been applied to the Koran, the Book of Mormon and even Poe’s poetry, ‘proving’ their inspiration through an abundant pattern of numefics. The Holy Spirit also came down from heaven on the eighth day. In other projects Wikisource. Let’s take the number seven as an illustration of the way the patterns work.