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Disseminate and collect in a manner that protects privacy and confidentiality. The online form will request an explanation of the change and will provide the text of the original abstract dlcument revise.

Intel ISEF Forms

Student takes this form home along with research plan for Parents’ review. Science News for Students.

Only Forms 1C, 5B, 7, and the abstract are done after the research. For more information on specifics of writing an abstract, see the How to Write an Abstract resource.

The Society will make a simple correction and notify you of the change or dicument will contact you with instructions on how to correct the electronic copy for resubmission to the SRC.

Rules for all projects. Thin and thick mucus were represented by 1-milliliter volumes of colored water or a mixture of corn syrup and gelatin, respectively.


The forms should be filled out and signed before any research takes place. The abstract should be words or less. I Forgot My Password! Student enters their name and title Section 1: Related Links Rules for all projects. If you decide to make revisions to your abstract after it has been submitted, you will be able to access it via the Finalist Checklist. Each sample was analyzed for maximum distance traveled and distribution of droplets.

This form is not necessary for most local fairs. A copy of this page must be submitted and a printout showing the number of completed surveys. Explain where absfrct experimental research will be conducted. Skip to main content. These forms constitute written documentation of what will occur, or in some cases, has doocument occurred, in a research project.

Intel ISEF Forms | Student Science

abstrcf Filled out by the Qualified Scientist in collaboration with student researcher Section 2: Adult Sponsor Who Requires? Form 1A — Student Checklist — Information form to include contact information email addresses will be used to contact you about the status of your projectname of project, adult sponsor name and address where research took place.

It should seek to highlight the research question sexperimental procedures, data, and conclusions in a way that is concise and easy to understand. Skip to main content.


Abstract Instructions

Please recognize the importance of this summary of your project and take the time to review it for completeness and readability. Thin mucus traveled a maximum of cm, suggesting a potential spread of virus-containing idef of up to 4 meters in our tests.

Check either box 2 or 3. Information regarding the care of the animal is completed by student. The student researcher must complete ALL of the questions; it is unacceptable to say there are no risks or no benefits. Intel ISEF rules wizard. After this date, this option will not be available. Abstrxt thick and thin mucus and a model sneeze, we tested the hypothesis that thin mucus will travel farther than thick mucus.

W-9 Tax Information Form required of all U. The answers should parallel those provided in the research plan. Human and Vertebrate Animal Tissue Form. If the SRC is requesting a revision to the abstract, they will notify the Society staff. NEVER submit the originals, only copies.

Skip to main content. Further experiments will clarify differences in viscosity between thick and thin mucus and potential differences in droplet size.