[email protected] WEB DATE: 09/04/ REV. T TEST SET. THE SUBSTATION EQUIPMENT. TEST SET for testing. The table below lists the relays that can be set and tested by T Typical application. Test of Current Transformer. • CT RATIO V AND POLARITY – VOLTAGE. Jun 25 , , ISA TV SYSTEM: SUBSTATION TEST SYSTEM OUR T, TO TEST PROTECTION RELAYS, PRIMARY INJECTION, CT.

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Click here for brochure on BSG.

Click here for newsletter note on BSG. For testing and quick trouble-shooting of relays and transducers.

Click here to download a DRTS64 pdf file. Click here ia download a DRTS66 pdf file. The T is ideal for current, voltage and power transformers including a V Hi-pot and A max.


The T adds the capability to test relays, transducers and energy meters. Great for portable or bench use! Click here to download a T pdf file and here to download a T pdf file.


Slave ELU load banks can be added to increase capacity.

Informative graphic display permits use as stand-alone instrument or connected via PC. Load testing can be done while critical load is still connected. No need to disconnect your battery bank!

TFS provides a very modern accurate fault location solution for transmission and distribution power lines.


It determines distance to t30000 by measuring the time for a surge to travel from fault position to measurement point. Unaffected by fault resistance. Multiple overhead lines can be monitored. Click here to download a pdf file on the TFS brochure.

Export Data and Price of relay injection test test | Zauba

For relay testers with built-in routines for many common relays including distance and differential relays. Click here to search for representatives by state.

Click here to ask now. Features 6 timing channels, 4 aux. Click here to download a CBA pdf file. For other power test instruments from ISA, including primary injection t3000 sources, phase angle meters, CB testing power supplies, etc.