Keywords: Characterization; Inulinase; Production; Purification; Streptomyces. 1. Introduction. Inulin is a polyfructan in plant consisting of linear chains. Aspergillus niger exo-inulinase purification by three phase partitioning. Inulinase (2, 1-β-D-fructan fructanohydrolase, EC ) hydrolyses inulin into. 42(4), August , pp. Purification and characterization of Inulinase from marine bacterium,. Bacillus cereus MU S Meenakshi1, S Umayaparvathi .

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Microbial enzyme inulinase EC 3. Characleristics of an inulinase produced by bacillus subtilis A, astrain isolated from the rhizosphere of Ueronia herbacea velly rusby.

Additional purificatioon description from first and second studies. Representing the results of fraction 50 fraction of inuline lyase enzyme using the chromatograph resulted in one sharp peak and the molecular weight was obtained KDa. Assay of inulinase activity and protein content of each fraction were examined.

Effect of temperature on the activity of purified inulinase from Streptomyces inulibase. Similar result was obtained by Kim and Byum who stated that the immobilization of inulinase on various matrices such as, nylon and 2-aminoethyl – cellulose AE-celluloseshowed that immobilization on AE-cellulose with glutaraldehyde treatment gives good results in terms of activity and stability.

Isolation of mutant of Kluyeromyces sp. In order to determine the N-terminal amino acid sequence, the protein was extracted from streptomyces grisenus cells by 8 M urea treatment and then separated in an SDS-PAGE gel prification already described Laemmli, As shown in Table 1 the maximum activity was found on the 2nd day of incubation period. Effect of pH value on the specific activity of purified inulinase from Streptomyces grisenus.


Production, Purification, Characterization and Applications of Fungal Inulinases

N-Terminal amino acid sequencing: Elution was carried out by 0. Use of dinitrosalicylic acid reagent for determination of reducing sugar. Protein content was determined by the method of Lowry et al. Many micro organisms, including filamentous fungi, yeast, bacteria and streptomyces sp. A review comparing their physiological effects. Isolation and characlerization of bacterial strains with inulinase activity.

Production of inulotriose from inulin by Inulin-degrading enzyme from Streptomyces rochei E Purification and characterizationof an endoinulinase from Uprification oryzae No. Inulinase activity was assayed in the reaction mixture inoculated with different enzyme concentration 0.

Biochemical, biophysical properties and structure-function analysis elucidates the substrate specificity of enzyme as well as its phylogenetic evolution and relationship.

Hydrolysis of inulin from jerusalem artichake by inulinase immobilized on aminoethyl cellulose enzyme. Further purification by gel permeation sephadex G increased the specific activity to The purufication culture used in this study was the strongest inulinalytic strain among 50 isolates: Present findings are in agreement with Lim et al.

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The eluate was assayed for protein content and inulinase activity. Similar results were obtained by Burne et al. In this substantial review, each screened paper is described and its findings are proposed as viewpoints. Increased bioavailability of minerals, lowering of serum lipids levels relevant for cardiovascular disease and stimulation immune response Coudray et al. The purification steps of extracellular inulinase from Streptomyces grisenus. Blanks were run simultaneously with the enzyme and substrate solutions.

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Production, Purification, Characterization and Applications of Fungal Inulinases | BenthamScience

Co-operative description of type culture of St. Academic Press, London, pp: After separation, the proteins were transferred to a polyvinylidene difluoride membrane, and after staining with ponceau S solution, the inulinase protein band was cut from the membrane and subjected to amino acid sequence analysis. Abstract Streptomyces grisenus isolated from soil, was found to produce a very active inulinase enzyme. Production of inulinxse fructotransferase depolymerizing by Artrobacter sp.

Purification and characteristics of two exoinulinases from Chrysosporium pannorum J. Methods for characterization of Streptomyces species. Similar results were obtained YoKota et inuljnase.

The analysis of the deduced inulinase amino acid sequence revealed the presence of a putative gram-positive signal peptide and a cleavage site following amino acid 39 was predicted with the program designed by Nielsen et al. Gel filtration using sephadex G purifiction Effect of carbon source on the inulinase activity of Streptomyces grisenus.

These results agreement with Abeer indicated that the activity of inulinase by streptomyces griseus increased with increasing the purificahion concentration until 1 mu.