The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) provides Work/Life leadership to the Federal Government by partnering with Federal agencies to help them develop. Federal Retirement Moving ChecklistMoving? Use this tool to help you prepare for moving and then conduct any relevant transactions after your move. (Source: Introduction to the Position Classification Standards, TS, July ) ://

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Positions covered by this series have in common the dual paramount requirement for knowledge of the customs and border protection activities which form the basis for the flying assignments and the knowledge and skills necessary to pilot aircraft.

The work involves fecdlass variety of activities in land, water, and habitat management, land planning, resource identification and allocation, administration, public relations, supervision, and other activities involving wildlife resource utilization, protection, inventory and evaluation, and maintenance of grasslands, marshes, and soils.

Positions in this series require specialized knowledge of the principles, practices, methods, and techniques of administering public health programs, but do not require full professional education and training in medical, social, or other disciplines.

The work characteristically requires knowledge of program objectives, policies, procedures, or pertinent regulatory requirements affecting the particular education or training activity. Sociologists study specialized areas such as: They evaluate patients for muscle strength, endurance, coordination, and balance; provide individual or group instruction for physical reconditioning or www resocialization of patients; and devise adaptations of equipment to meet the oom needs of patients.

Work in this series requires knowledge of the field of labor-management relations, of collective bargaining processes, of applicable labor laws and precedent decisions, and of the regulations, policies and practices of the National Labor Relations Board. Positions in this series do not typically involve substantial operation of telecommunications equipment to send and receive messages, but do require knowledge of telecommunications techniques to facilitate the flow of messages.

This series includes work that requires a practical knowledge of computerized data entry and information processing systems, the medical facilitys organization and services, basic rules and regulations governing visitors and patient treatment, and a practical knowledge of the standard procedures, medical records, and medical terminology of the unit supported.

Community planning work requires knowledge of planning concepts, principles, techniques, and practices; the social, economic, political, and physical elements involved in human settlements; and the dynamics of change within these elements.


These positions involve the administration, supervision or performance of one or more of the following functions: Some educational therapists participate in the rehabilitation of blind patients. Duties characteristically include assignments such as: The fundamental responsibility of health system administrators is to effectively use all available resources to provide the best possible patient care.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families

The work includes determining the size and shape of the earth and its gravitational field, measuring the intensity and direction of the force of gravity, and determining the horizontal and vertical positions of points on the earth and in space, where consideration of the curvature of the earth is required.

The primary requirements of the work are a professional competence in applying the theoretical foundations of computer science, including computer system architecture and system software organization, the representation and transformation of information structures, and the theoretical models for such representations and transformations; b specialized knowledge of the design characteristics, limitations, and potential applications of systems having the ability to transform information, and of broad areas of applications of computing which have common structures, processes, and techniques; and c knowledge of relevant mathematical and statistical sciences.

This involves functions such as park conservation; natural, historical, and cultural resource management; and the development and operation of interpretive and recreational programs for the benefit of the visiting public. The work requires a knowledge of real estate laws, principles, practices, and markets. Enterprise Architecture Work that involves the analysis, planning, design, implementation, documentation, assessment, and management of the enterprise structural framework to align IT strategy, plans, and systems with the mission, goals, structure, and processes of the organization.

Government Life Insurance, as well as other Veterans Administration administered benefits. This work requires the application and interpretation of laws concerning benefits available to disabled patients and of the regulations, procedures, and practices based thereon, and, in addition, a specialized knowledge of the medical and psychological problems directly related to the use of prosthetic devices; and a specialized knowledge and understanding of the fabrication and satisfactory fitting of prosthetic devices.

Handbook of Occupational Groups and Families – [PDF Document]

Also included are positions concerned with teaching social work, doing research on social work problems, training of social work students, and providing consultation and advice to members of related professions and community organizations on social work questions.

Accounting theories, concepts, principles, and standards address these types of duties: Medical records administration personnel develop medical records policies and procedures and provide advice on the use of medical records. The work yov broad administrative knowledge of the operation and maintenance requirements of cemeteries. All agencies may use any occupational series in Parts I and II of this handbook. Office of Personnel Management 43 Series in this group are: The work also requires a practical knowledge of program requirements and procedures, and a practical understanding of some of the more routine methods and techniques of counseling.


Employee Benefits Work that involves providing guidance and consultation to agencies, employees, former employees, annuitants, survivors, and eligible family members regarding retirement, insurance, health fedflass, and injury compensation. Most positions also require a high degree of analytical ability and a general knowledge of the principles and processes of program management and intergovernmental relations.

This series typically involves coordinating and directing work performed by a variety yttp trades and labor employees and wdw broad knowledge of such work; however, this knowledge is not a paramount qualification requirement. Public health www consult with State and local health departments, and with national and local voluntary agencies; organize community groups to study health problems and methods of disease prevention; and assist in coordinating mass health programs and in evaluating and improving health education programs.

The work performed concerns, and requires a practical knowledge of, market structure and trends, competitive relationships, retail and wholesale trade practices, distribution channels and costs, business financing and credit practices, trade restrictions and controls, and principles of advertising and consumer motivation. The application of these techniques in the settlement of industrial labor disputes requires knowledge of the field of labor-management relations, particularly fedclwss collective bargaining principles, practices, and processes; understanding of economic, industrial, and labor trends, and of current developments and problems in the field of labor relations; and knowledge of applicable labor laws and precedent decisions.

Positions in this group require knowledge of the science or art, or both, by which materials, natural resources, and powers are made useful.

Work may also involve developing or revising fedclss maintenance programs. Such information covers the political, economic, social, cultural, physical, geographic, scientific, or military trends or conditions in foreign or domestic areas that affect the national security. These positions do not have line authority.