‘hiriko’ is a foldable urban electric vehicle, based on MIT media lab’s ‘citycar’. ‘ hiriko’ is a compact electric urban mobility vehicle, capable of. hiriko folding car to go on sale next year ultra compact Those of you who often have to drive into a busy city will know all too well how much. The car in question was called the Hiriko and was produced by a small Spanish company based in the Basque Country. A few hours later, the.

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It was a mobility project. A Car of the Future. The Spanish courts are now investigating the affair, with public prosecutors accusing six businessmen of creaming off part of the funding for themselves. When the driver pushes the control stick forward the car speeds up, while when pulled back the car slows down. It is European social innovation at its best,” said the then-president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, at a event debuting the car in Brussels.

The conventional steering wheel and the brake and throttle controls were replaced with a device similar to a airplane’s yoke. Most say they had the impression that their bosses had no idea about how to run a company. Which is why a team at the Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology tried inventing a car for city use. Creators of the original CityCar didn’t know where to find the Hiriko either and they emphasize that a firewall limits their involvement with the commercial production of their inventions.


City Car: Hiriko Electric Fold-Up Car for Crowded Cities

Heard on Morning Edition. The door is on the front.

When folded, it is shorter than most cars are wide. With four wheels that maneuver degrees individually, it could turn on a dime.

The agreement also included an initial phase in in which the Hiriko folding was to be tested and adapted for public use in Berlin, cr an official and broader roll out was planned for The entire front of the Hiriko opens for easy access, and the controls swing out of the way. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. It would drive itself — or you — around the city. They need to be unique — can’t duplicate what others have done or what you’ve done in the past.

In public prosecutors in Spain accused six businessmen involved in the project of fraud. Knocks at the door turned up no answer.

How A Folding Electric Vehicle Went From Car Of The Future To ‘Obsolete’

But if you live in a crowded city, or have had hiiriko navigate the narrow streets of many European cities, you may see its appeal. It looks a bit like a 21st century rickshaw.

Only one test vehicle and two semi finished ones were ever produced. The New York Times.

Cameras clicked and both men beamed. Entrepreneurs created a nonprofit parent company, Afypaida, to manage public money pouring into the project. So, when parked front-end-in, drivers and passengers could avoid stepping into traffic.

Ina consortium of small companies in Spain got together to transform the CityCar into a commercial reality.


Cities Project In D. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He heralded it as a trans-Atlantic “exchange between the world of science and the world of business. The Hiriko car is a two-seat all-electric microcar designed to be used for short-distance urban trips intended for car sharing.

A pilot program is hirijo in the Basque city of Vitoria-Gasteiz next year.

CityCar: Hiriko Fold-Up Car of Future – ABC News

cwr They renamed the car “Hiriko,” which means “urban” in the Basque language, Euskera. But some former employees of the company, who prefer not to give their names, say the project was based on unworkable premises from the start, and that cxr estimates were wildly unrealistic, pointing to poor planning and project management. ZipCar, which offers shared cars in major U. MIT is a nonprofit giriko. The variable wheelbase concept of the Hiriko first featured in the Renault Zoom concept car.

One would pick up a car parked close to one’s location instead of from a central rental office. The then-president of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso leftand Jesus Echave, the Spanish chairman of a consortium of seven small Basque companies, sit together in a prototype of the Hiriko car, during a event in Brussels. This Week in Pictures: The consortium’s parent company, Afypaida, went out of business in