This study was carried out to measure the optimum growth of Heterobranchus bidorsalis and the best time to crop under maximum utilization of. Biology. Hardly anything is known about the biology of this species (Ref. ). Maximum reported size for West Africa: mm TL (Ref. ). Trusted. Information about the classification of Heterobranchus bidorsalis. Includes facts, pictures and articles.

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Each gland was then transferred into a sealed test tube containing acetone.

ADW: Heterobranchus bidorsalis: CLASSIFICATION

Austin Anetekhai and Mr. Comparative growth and survival of the catfishes: Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Connect with us Help us improve the site by taking our survey. Preliminary study on physico-chemistry and comparative morphometric characterisation of Cynothrissa mento Regan, from Ologe, Badagry and Epe Heteronranchus, Lagos, Nigeria. It also has high feed efficiency and utilization Adebayo and Olanrewaju, Confused by a class within a class or an order within an order?

Wiley Interscienc, New York, Heteorbranchus The growth of brown trout Salmo trutta Linn. Hybrid mud catfish production: International Journal of Zoological Research, 7: This is in agreement with the findings of Adebayo who reported that broodstock of C.

The highest values for FI 3. Reproductive performance of african clariid catfish Clarias gariepinus broodstocks on varying maternal stress.


It also indicates that the fish species can be grown to commercial size within 26 weeks from fingerling stage under semi-intensive pond conditions. Water was changed regularly to prevent fry mortality caused by pollutants especially ammonia and inadequate dissolved oxygen.

After all measurements, the bidorsslis were revived in fresh water and then returned to the ponds.

The fertilization rate was then estimated by the equation below Adebayo, Head oval-shaped to rectangular dorsally; snout broadly rounded; eyes rather laterally placed; frontal fontanelle long and narrow; occipital fontanelle relatively long and oval shaped; ‘postorbital’ bones completely united; suprabranchial organ well developed; pectoral spine smooth; openings of secondary sensory canals with regular geometric pattern Ref.

Seasonal changes in sexual maturity and fecundity and HCG-induced breeding of the catfish, Heterobranchus longifilis Val. Economics of Periphyton-based aquaculture production in Bangladesh. Synthetic hormones have some advantages over the natural hormones in inducing spawning in fish. Intensification of aquaculture practices in Nigeria has been identified as one of the tools that can help in closing the gap between demand and supply of fish and fisheries products Owodeinde and Ndimele, The best FCR 0.

Comparative survival and growth rate of Clarias gariepinus and heteroclarias hathclings fed live and frozen daphnia.

Human uses

Comparative evaluation of efficacy and cost of synthetic and non-synthetic hormones for artificial breeding of African catfish Clarias hheterobranchus Burchell, Species Heterobranchus bidorsalis African catfish. The heferobranchus values for these growth parameters were obtained in the hybrid induced with FPE. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Heterobranchus bidorsalis is one of the two main genera of the African mud catfish Clarias and Heterobranchus widely cultured in Africa, Asia and Europe Adewolu and Adoti, ; Kori-Siakpere et al.

  ASTM E407 - 07 PDF

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Three pysico-chemical parameters dissolved oxygen, temperature and pH were measured in this study. The clariid catfishes constitute an excellent food fish of high commercial value in Nigeria and some other countries of the world Adebayo and Popoola, ; Huda et al.

Growth of pure breed and hybrid of catfish Clarias gariepinus and Heterobranchus bidorsalis induced with synthetic hormone Ovaprim and pituitary glands of male and female Heterobranchus bidorsalis. Clarias gariepenus and Heterobranchus sp. They were in the rearing tanks for two weeks, during which they were fed on compounded diet.

Also, Ojutiku reported that hybrid in most cases were superior to the parental strains in growth, food conversion and resistance to disease.

During the period of study after the initial stocking of fish per 0.