Theory Of The Derive [Guy Debord, I. Chetglov, A. Jorn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This much-needed anthology, the accompanying. Guy Debord defines a derive as a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiences. What makes derivation different from a stroll is its. Theory of the Derive by Guy Debord, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Theory of the Dérive

Such an experience gives rise to new objective conditions of behavior that bring about the disappearance of a good number of the old ones. But this duration is merely a statistical average. Perceived zones can shift without a map ever changing.

The museum is closed on Tuesdays. Museum hours Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: The subject is invited to come alone to a certain place at a specified time. It is not a required amount of time, just a debbord average.

Theory of the Dérive | The_Space_Between

But the use of taxis, for example, can provide a clear enough dividing line: Council for Maintaining the Occupations. Thank you very much for your help! Let yourself go with the flow of words, says the psychoanalyst. For articles related to the English translation of this word, see Drift.

Since then, their revolutionary reflections have continued to play a fundamental role in politics and art. Part of the Politics series on.


The subject is invited to come alone to a certain place at a specified time. This phrasing has connotations of the scientific explorer, almost of the military strategist. The half-floor gradations avoid limiting the number of rooms, since the tenant can request the use of the adjacent section on either upper or lower levels.

Using these different forms of circulation scattered around the building, the visitor is given several options on how they can move within the building.

One arrives at the central hypothesis of the existence of psychogeographical pivotal points. Seattle Public Library blocks. I wake up and have two eggs and toast.

Reprinted in Internationale Situationniste 2 Paris, December One can see the virtually unlimited resources of this pastime. He is freed from the bothersome obligations of the ordinary rendezvous since there is no one to wait for. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. At its minimum it can be limited to a small self-contained ambiance: At its minimum it can be limited to a small self-contained ambience: The ecological analysis of the absolute or relative character of fissures in the urban network, of the role of microclimates, of distinct neighborhoods with no relation to administrative boundaries, and above all of the dominating action of centers of attraction, must be utilized and completed by psychogeographical methods.

Theory of the Derive : Guy Debord :

Views Read Edit View history. Progress means breaking through fields where chance holds sway by creating new conditions more favorable to our purposes. Since he may never even have seen the other person before, he will be encouraged to start up conversations with various passersby.


In this latter regard, ecological science, despite the narrow social space to which it limits itself, provides psychogeography with abundant data.


The Situationist International —72 pursued new forms of collective action and methods of agitation that would lead to the transformation of the urban environment. In addition to a clear linear network there should also be ghettos of community designed projects. If, on the other hand, one sticks to the direct exploration of a particular terrain, one is concentrating primarily on research for a psychogeographical urbanism. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

The maximum area of this spatial field does not extend beyond the entirety of a large city and its suburbs. I drive an hour to work on the freeway. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

The program of the building dictates what kind of circulation path they can create. But tyeory use of taxis, for example, can provide a clear enough dividing line: