More then words with Mnemonics Free Download with Mediafire Link Download Link for Pdf: Download Link for APK: For Example: GRE. Well this is not my area but yes I m preparing vocab for ies while searching for some gud ways to learn..I found these apps by #magoosh One has. Mnemonic Encoding Word List. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

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Now it’s not spelled the exact same way as existent, but mnemoniics our mnemonic, that’s our creative way of remembering, “Aha, extant means is existent. Example Sentence obsequious shop assistants.

But first off, what does mnemonics mean? That word itself may be unknown to you, but the point of this video isn’t to define the word mnemonics mnemonics, it’s to talk about this powerful concept.

Mnemonics To view this video please enable Javascript. Example Sentence Mnejonics storm abated The rain let up after a few hours. Now that is a ridiculous story. Mnemonics Memory Aids for abbreviate. Ants normally move together in a queue.

Delegate do not Abdicate. Imagine a tired old man visiting you and you offer a chair and say ‘aa bait’ it will lessen relieve your tiredness. But in basting the lamb, you messed up and the lamb now takes on the lamb’s head and a mouth and it says, “Why did you not pay attention?



Mnemonics are creative memory devices so visuals or associations to help you better remember something. Abhore- Bore – Hate. Go to My Error Log Learn more.

We have subscribed you to Daily Prep Questions via email. So again, a creative way, of something about the structure of the word or the way the word sounds. The point is that the goofier, the crazier, the wackier, image, the more likely it is to stick in your mind. Ab for abraham mnemonixs abraham and ash for aishwarya roy. That is, your story is more sticky somebody else’s story. It’s a very massive ant, big, big ant, much bigger than this drawing.

Now you may love mnemonics, you may think this is the greatest thing ever, and you may use them as often as you can. Maybe if you weren’t sure on these other two, mndmonics this one is a little bit more obvious.

And again, if it works for wordlits or if you come up with a story that’s even better than hearing it from me or somewhere else. See All School Reviews. I just saw something totally out of the ordinary. Powered by Mnemonic Dictionary Ab for abraham john abraham and ash for aishwarya roy. To remember wordliet normal is opposite to normal.


Beyonce had abeyance in her job when her child was worddlist. Or more like a basted lamb lambasting you. Mnemonics Memory Aids for aberration. Powered by Mnemonic Dictionary Think “seek” because when you seek something you show attentiveness to find it.


You may be somewhere in the middle and so So that’s basically, that’s the spirit of the mnemonics. Lesson by Chris Lele Magoosh Expert. And wodrlist lot of times people mix them up.

Mnemonic Dictionary – Fun and easy way to build your vocabulary!

And I really encourage you to do so. On the other hand, if you loathe someone, you hate them intensely. Debate means raising actually in discussion imagine that in every thing just opposite to debate consider abate that is reduction in nature. Which one is which? You’ve put the lamb in fact in the mnemonica on degrees. Abhay is dancing once his mom shouts loudly abhay. Overview of all CAT Tests.

Powered by Mnemonic Dictionary. Think “seek” because when you seek something you show attentiveness to find it. I know, not creative at all. Mnemonics Memory Aids for abeyance. Mnemonics Memory Aids for abhor. What a horrific uproar which sounds like abhor or uphoar!!!!

To reduce in amount;Put an end to; subside or moderate Definition verb make less active or intense Synonyms: Connect with us on Facebook Mnemonic Dictionary. Someone is always here.