Gladys Aylward was born short in size and short in worldly status but what was lacking in height and social standing she made up for in. Gladys May Aylward was born in north London on February 24, , and grew up a high-spirited, happy child. “She remembered her father coming home,”. She is author her autobiography entitled Gladys Aylward: The Little Woman. The film Inn of the Sixth Happiness, is loosely based on events from her life.

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Aylwad was born to a working-class family in EdmontonNorth Londonin She was Gladys Aylward, also called Ai-weh-deh the Virtuous Onea Christian evangelist who had brought many children to safety from behind the Japanese lines. Aylward finally found Lawson living in a house on the main road outside the city gate, amid private houses and inns. On the 12th day, they came in sight of the Yellow River, which was aylwagd, deep, and about a mile across.

When they arrived at the mission, they were told that Lawson was in Yangcheng Yangzhenga walled town two days away, along an ancient mule trail between Honan and Hopeh. Biogrsphy Read Edit View history. But the first day at her new post in Belgrave Square, she began to despair of ever reaching China.

Aylward, Gladys (–) |

After about 10 years she sought to return to China, and after rejection by the Communist government and a stay in British administered Hong Kongfinally settled in Taiwan in Aylward knew her weaknesses and appreciated the mission’s concern that she aylqard find it hard to learn a Chinese dialect. Yahgchen was situated on a major commercial route used by the mule trains that transported such goods as coal, cotton and iron goods, and to serve and witness biograohy these mule teamsters Gladys and Mrs.

She would be working with dark, short statured people – exactly like she was! Amid the chaos, she improvised a hospital and established small Christian communities in the region, aylaard visiting villages under Japanese occupation and reporting any observations on her travels that might prove useful to the Chinese Nationalists.

Gladys Aylward – Wikipedia

From Chita, Aylward managed to find her way to Vladivostok, where she was to make another connection. She taught them lessons, read them stories from the Bible, and begged food from everyone, including the Japanese, to keep them fed. Her destination was a government orphanage in Sian and for 12 days they traveled, sometimes lodging with sympathetic hosts and sometimes staying outdoors.


Yes, they agreed, there was an even cheaper way—overland through Holland, Germany, Poland, and Russia, then through Siberia on the Trans-Siberian Railroaduntil she made a junction connection with the Manchurian railway, which would take her to a steamer that would take her to Tientsin—but that route was impossible because there was an undeclared war on between Russia and China.

Eventually, she found herself in charge of more than unruly children, including five of her own that she had officially adopted. Gladys suggested that they be provided the opportunity to work to earn money for their food and after some of the warden’s friends donated looms to weave cloth and a grindstone to grind grain prison conditions improved. Feet are to walk with, not to shuffle up and down with, aren’t they?

Gladys Aylward

Lawson accepted her application but could not help with her traveling expenses, so Gladys came up with new idea. There was no food to be had, and, worse, the ferry to cross the river was nowhere in sight. She was disturbed by stories biograpny the horrors of life in China under Communist rule but was persuaded that a return there would be biograhpy dangerous. Aylward, Gladys, MS At any moment, the Japanese were expected to arrive.

Aylward became a national of the Republic of China in and was a revered figure among the people, taking in orphans and adopting several herself, intervening in a volatile prison riot and advocating prison reform, risking her life many times to help those in need.

Arriving in England in the spring ofAylward soon found fame when Alan Burgess, a producer from the BBC, dramatized her story in a program called “Gladys Aylward: They discussed marriage; he was eager that they should marry at once, live together as man and wife as best they could, war or no war.

A popular story relates how many years ago a young English woman envied her tall blonde friends their beauty, while she was less than five feet tall with black hair. The article was to change her life.

While in her hotel, she was approached by an English-speaking woman who warned her that if she did not get out of the country immediately she might be sent to a remote part of Russia and never be heard from again. At the town of Chita, a railway official tried to persuade her to disembark, but Aylward could not understand what he was saying and insisted on staying aboard. She settled in the city of Taipei and adopted many children.


Amid a hail of bullets, Aylward barely escaped the city to join the children; one bullet grazed her shoulder blades. Praying for guidance, she opened her Bible, and her eyes fell on the words, “Flee ye; flee ye into the mountains.

Lawson – and now Gladys. Aylward’s years at the inn were happy. Then a young girl asked Aylward if she believed the story of Moses taking the children of Israel across the Red Sea.

The Inn of Eight Happinesses was soon opened and quickly boycotted. She was also nearly penniless, and officials, desperate for skilled factory workers, wanted to keep her in Russia. It was then that she was taken by oxcart to the local mission, delirious with typhoid fever.

Click Here to Sign Up! She also publishes an encouragement newsletter “Rainbows Along the Way. The country, she was warned, was unpenetrated by Christianity. After a few days of rest in the town of Mien Chu, Aylward and the children continued their journey by foot and by rail, then crossed another mountain range until they finally glasys Sian in late April When war with the Japanese came in Yangchen was bombed by Japanese planes then occupied temporarily by Japanese soldiers. If God intended little girls to have horrible stubby little feet, he’d have made them like that in the first place, wouldn’t he?

As they all grew more and more tired, she sang hymns to keep up their spirits. She stayed for a short while in Hong Kong, working among the refugees from Communism, and went later that same year to the island of Formosa, known today as Taiwan, which was the home of Free China.

The Mandarin wanted Gladys to tour the local homes where as a boography she could enter the women’s quarters to enforce the ban, and because her feet were not bound she could travel easily. Lawson opened an inn.