Girl Overboard () is Justina Chen Headley’s second novel (following Nothing But the Truth (and a Few White Lies) from ). The writing here is snappy. Adding to a category overrun with poor-little-rich-girl plotlines, Headley (Nothing But the Truth [and a few white lies]) crafts a tale that will stand. Justina Chen is a Taiwanese-American fiction writer and executive communications consultant. She is best known for her young-adult fiction, especially North of Beautiful (), A Blind Spot for Boys (), Girl Overboard (), and Nothing but the Truth A Book Talk with Justina Chen Headley and Alvina Ling (), retrieved.

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She’s caring and cautious. But in the heasley something happen that changes everything the way Syrah really wanted it to be in the first place.

Justina Chen – Wikipedia

Jul 17, Sarah Woodard rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love those quotation marks at the end of the synopsis. This book judtina with many themes in addition to snowboarding and overcoming a really scary injury partly inspired by the author’s own bogus wipeout.

It literally breaks my heart. Also she uses a ton of sensory imagery to describe what Syrah looks like and how her physical traits are I would rate the book Girl Overboard 5 stars. This also shown some light on the expectations placed on girls. That’s the mark of good literature.

Girl Overboard

Feb 18, Georgia rated it really liked it. Sep 06, Haley H rated it it was amazing. And that’s another reason to not read this book: I would rate the book Girl Overboard 5 stars.

I went to bed at 5: I found some parts boring. Pingyin gets confusing when it’s without the accent marks. No matter how good their tricks are, how high their jumps go, the pro snowboarding girls have got to work their sex appeal, watch their figures, stay in shape in season and out. Sometimes it gets irritating because there’s a bunch of Chinese words which can be mistakenly taken for one another. You cant change and give up on what you have so somethings will remain the same forever. The writing style was very graceful and fluid.


I like chick-lit, but not intense chick-lit, like Gossip Girls or The Clique series.

Justina Chen

Feb 22, Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: It’s like “Someone please kill me now” or “I’m going to cheat on this book by reading something else. I lost hope in the middle, but the ending is perfect.

The book tackled self discovery, healing, friendships, cheh relationships, the meaning of juztina, love – and did it successfully.

Be the first to discover new talent! After attending Stanford University she spent time in New York and Sydney, Australia before settling near Seattle, Washington, where she currently lives with her two children. It begins so whiny and angsty. Jun 30, Jennifer rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed this book. Syrah is definitely a smart golden girl. It’s a nice read however, especially if your hillside.

Additionally, Justina co-founded readergirlz, a cutting-edge literacy and social media project for teens, which won the National Book Foundation’s Award for Innovations in Reading. Her dream is to become a Pro-Snowboarder. I recommend reading this as soon as possible.

Common, complicated teen issues with body image and first love allow young adults to identify with this decidedly tough but vulnerable character. Also people who know some things about snowboarding.

But I kept going, I kept reading and sure enough by the end I was enjoying it. Between that and the mansion and private jet, it really seems like Syrah has it all.


Truth is, Syrah has an alternate identity: Everybody thinks Syrah is the golden girl. Girl Overboard sounds like a book rich heiress should read. I remember liking how, in the beginning, each chapter ends in a meaningful way that makes you ponder, but midway, I start to notice all these side stories that unbalance the first portion.

She has her own set of problems, whether it is with her family or her friends. On somethings I saw how she solved her problems with the mistakes she made taught me not to do it. Every book has so many facets that I learn something new with each re-read. If you are looking for a book that is about a Rich girl and her perfect life don’t read this book. If nothing else, the Chengs know how to save face.

Syrah Cheng is the daughter of privilege. It was a good uplifting read in its messageand I enjoyed it.

She soon befriends Lillan, an energetic and kid person. So long as they tweak out more amplitude than than the next oveboard, go bigger and cleaner, they could be the scroungiest dirtballs on the slopes and still score sponsorships. It turns out the answer is a lot.

Syrah Jistina is the daughter of Ethan and Betty Chen and the family is very wealthy. Is it really necessary to incorporate so many characters, stories and messages in one novel?