The Genee Vision is a powerful visual presentation and training tool. It’s powerful zoom function, 22x optical and 10x digital allows users to view text. Genee Vision HD – Quick Start Guide Genee Vision – Manual | Quick Start Guide Genee Vision – Software and drivers. Video Cap. We want customers to get the most out of ours products so we have put together a range of helpful resources to assist you. If you experience.

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Genee Vision Visualisers are used in education, training, conferences, video conferencing and product presentations.

Genee Vision Visualiser

The grnee are endless. Audiences prefer to be involved rather than be just watching endless static presentations. The fenee to see, understand and question are key attributes in the learning process. Operate without a computer! Many Visualisers need to be connected to a computer to operate, not the Genee Vision A PC is only required when recording or editing images.

Great for dark rooms The Genee Vision is equipped with two LED arm 61100 as well as a backlight that sheds light on objects so you can display gennee from things like 3D objects, books, photo films and x-rays even in a dark room. Great for magnification The powerful 22x optical zoom function allows you to see detail 66100 is not often visible to the human eye.

Combined with the digital zoom you can zoom up to x. Animation When the Visualiser is combined with the Geneemation stop-motion animation software it can be used to create stop-frame animation. 1600 to use Not all of us are experts when it comes to understanding new equipment, however, the Genee Vision is extremely user friendly.


The one touch buttons provide easy access to the Visualiser functions and if you prefer to be mobile, you can even use the intuitive remote control. Effortless The Genee Vision allows you to effortlessly enlarge source materials, pictures and 3D objects and present them to your audience.

You can take pictures and record videos, which can then be uploaded to an online resource area or kept for future reference. Seamless Integration A Genee Vision Visualiser seamlessly integrates with your projector, interactive whiteboard, interactive touch screen and video conferencing system. Your 61100 become much more flexible and dynamic, because anything can be displayed at any time, with no fixed order and geneee the need for lengthy preparation in advance.

Attention Grabbing Due to the live factor, objects presented under the Visualiser capture far more attention than that of flat objects presented by presentation software such as PowerPoint. The Presenter can personalise the presentation by annotating over the live Visualiser feed, zooming in and out to view every detail, moving the Visualiser camera around to show different angles or by adding more objects for comparison.

With all these possibilities and many more, the Genee Vision Visualiser has to be one of the most flexible presentation tools available.

You must be logged in to post a review. Gennee Genee Vision is powerful, robust and full of useful features that will enhance your presentation including:. Unable to display Facebook posts.

Genee Vision — Visualiser. Request demo Request Callback. The Genee Vision is an affordable desktop visualiser.


The Genee Vision is designed specifically with the needs of the presenter in mind and works with interactive whiteboards and interactive touchscreens to show live images to your audience. Please call us for additional information. Description Applications Benefits Specifications Reviews 0. The Visualiser can be used in telemedicine, or in training to show an x-ray to large or small groups The tenee, fire department and network rail can all perform compelling workshops by showing equipment and props Do away with time handing out media and prepping, which allows you to perform more workshops, training sessions and support programs.

Reduce preparation times for meeting by not having to photocopy.

Software / Driver Support

Clearly demonstrate your products smallest details to all of your co-workers or employees all at the same time using the powerful zoom feature. Demonstrate your products killer applications and benefits on a large display at exhibits and shows.

Keep your latest high-tech gadget or precious jewellery safe behind the counter while displaying the aesthetic value or functionality. Reviews There are no reviews yet.


The Genee Vision is powerful, robust and full of useful features that will enhance your presentation including: Genee Vision — 6010 Visualisers. Genee Vision Air — Visualiser Visualisers.

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