: Fundamentals of Computers: Table of contents Chapter 1. Understanding the Fundamentals of Computers: E. Balagurusamy zoom_in. Read FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTERS book reviews & author details and more at This item:FUNDAMENTALS OF COMPUTERS by E Balagurusamy. E Balagurusamy Object Oriented Programming With C++. PDF download. Download 1 file. E Balagurusamy Object Oriented Programming With.

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The most commonly used types of mouse are: The quality of the pictures captured by a digital camera depends on the resolution factor. Can handle more data and more input and output than micro computers.

As the frequency of light changes, these scanning devices detect the change and the output obtained after scanning also gets accordingly changed. The voice recognition system only recognises the voice of the speaking person rather than what he speaks. The PMT consists of funda,entals photocathode, which is a photosensitive surface used for generating the electrons.

PROM is reliable and stores the data permanently without making any change in it.

The electrical signals are then converted into the machine readable code. Different types of display monitors use different technology for displaying the data.

Fundamentals of Computers – E. Balagurusamy – Google Books

Share buttons are a little bit lower. Computer memories are often rated in terms of their capacity to store information. Commonly used optical recognition devices are: ROM is most commonly used in devices such as calculators, laser printers, etc.

The balagurusamh task of a scanning devices is to convert an image or the textual data into digital data, i. They act as an interface between the computer and the user.


Depending upon the form of output required, the output device may belong to one of the following categories: A flat disk that is covered with magnetic coating for holding information. The data stored on the magnetic tapes can be accessed using the sequential access method.

Fundamentals of Computers

The storage systems can be classified as follows: The following are the most popularly used media input devices: SRAM uses a number of transistors to store a single bit of digital information. The basic application of a voice output system is in Interactive Voice Response systems, which are used by the customer care or customer support departments of an organization, such as telecommunication companies, etc.

They help the users in saving a lot of fundamentalz. The data acquisition system collects the electrical signals from various devices and converts them commputers the digital signals for further assessment.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. A CRT monitor has many advantages, such as a high contrast ratio and color depth.

These scanners are also known as film scanners as they can easily scan the original image of the film. However, it has a weak color quality as compared to a CRT monitor. These systems allow users to communicate with computers directly without using a keyboard or mouse. The resultant matrix is known as bit map and is displayed on the screen.

The unique capabilities and characteristics of a computer: Designed to be used by individuals. Cmputers were initially lf for showing films fujdamentals now they are used on a large scale for displaying presentations in various situations. Print head is the part of the printer that resembles a hammer and is responsible for transferring the ink to the paper in the form of required characters.


Unlike hard copy, soft copy is not a permanent form of output. A very large computer Super Computers: The CPU can identify each cell by its address. These printers spray ink on the paper with the help of a ckmputers. The plastic tapes with magnetic coating that are used for storing the data. The more the resolution of a digital camera, the better is the image quality. The DRAM needs to be continuously refreshed with power supply because the capacitor has computesr tendency to get discharged.

Modern computer systems use bit data buses for data transfer. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. The result computed in the execution phase is either sent to the memory or to an output device. The digital camera consists of a built-in computer, which helps in recording the images fo.

It is the main memory of the computer system that stores the data temporarily and allows the data to be accessed in any order. The fastest type of computefs that can perform complex operations at a very high speed.