“The master is back,” the promo goes, “with his best thriller since The Day of the Jackal.” A bold statement: while no Jackal, this strong and. Avenger by Frederick Forsyth. Freddy put down his copy of the Daily Telegraph and sighed. The stock market hadn’t been kind to the Master. Paperback Avenger . Frederick Forsyth From the battlefield of Vietnam via war-torn Serbia to the jungles of Central America, Avenger is packed with.

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Some folks read it yearly In typical Frederick Forsyth tradition it takes a little disambiguation, a few false and confusing identities, hunters becoming the hunted becoming the hunters again and so on until the last page has been turned. Previous Post Paul Strand: Previous books by this author are better than this one. The first part was about Cal Dexter an ex-Vietnam rat soldier and it talked about those intricate tunnels in Vietnam hidden from the eyes of the American soldiers.

Answers to specifically worded advertisements in Vintage Airplane magazine for Avenger. Many years later, a worldwide chase is on. The plot is thick and interwoven; much like a tall Jenga tower that would crumble of even of piece were removed.

In The Day of the Jackal, Frederick Forsyth provided readers with the basic template of how an assassination would be carried out. The master does it again! The old man had already made up his mind. The book digs into his past and reveals that he is a highly decorated Vietnam War veteran, and that his last to Avenger, Frederick Forsyth Avenger is a political thriller novel by Frederick Forsyth published in September I don’t give a 10 out of 10 5 stars on Goodreads very often, and right up to the end I w Great audio CD!

If, like me, this book got past you when first published inI strongly suggest you read it now. But when the reason and price is right, he transforms himself into the “Avenger” and delivers justice by ‘rendering’ foreign criminals to the United States not killing themso that they will stand trial for their crimes against Americans.

Eichmann was in Argentina. This will hit bestseller lists high and hard and a sequel seems likely. The only other possible reason is Forsyth was being paid by the word and was determined to wring every penny he could from his publisher.

It was later made into a film of the same name. Using a perception which naturally comes from distance, the author combines the various elements of politics, authentic historical facts, international terrorism and a healthy dose of fiction into an engrossing saga which, nevertheless, still reads more like a detailed military history book. He was married and had a daughter who at the age of 16 was lured away and forced into prostitution by Latino gang members and eventually murdered.


Learning the grisly nature of his grandson’s death, the grandfather turns to both his Senator friend in Washington and to Dexter who operates under such self-imposed deep cover that he is just a mail drop to the grandfather to find the killer and bring him to justice. Unbeknownst to him, the murderer is protected by high level US government agents, who are planning to use this evil man to reach an even more important target, and are ready to sacrifice the life of our hero.

Avenger Book Summary and Study Guide

He bonds with aenger better educated superior officer and through this relationship finds the drive to leave the service and work his way through law school. Email required Address never made public. Eichmann was then kept in a safe house forayth nine days till the appropriate cover for escape was established.

Will Devereaux be able to warn Zilic and so carry through his long-planned operation Peregrine, or will the Tracker bring the whole thing down in flames?

Only a few people really know.

Avenger by Frederick Forsyth

When terrorists are massacring civilians in Paris or London, when a million refugees, terrorists and criminals among them, threaten to swamp European countries ie when push comes to shove, it turns out that many citizens of the comfy West are forced to make decisions about the actual world, the larger world beyond their comfortable lives, and those choices are the ones Forsyth was way ahead of us about.

May 04, Dan Pollock rated it it was amazing.

Going after Zoran Zilic It is now that Edmonds launches part two of the novel by commissioning a different man to track down Zoran Zilic. The main plot of the story involves the sadistic murder of a young American aide volunteer in Bosnia during the civil war in that country.

The review of this Book prepared by macheath.

Through a series of front companies, secret drops, fake names etc, The Avenger takes his instructions avenver Edmonds. I don’t give a 10 out of 10 5 stars on Goodreads very often, and right up to the end I was at an 8 out of 10, but the ending on this one earned “Avenger” a 10!!


Because Dexter has avenged such a good job at concealing his identity, Devereaux and the rest of the U. Brilliant novel mixing fact and fiction, stunning suspense! Avenger is a real page-turner, and I don’t think many readers doubt if revenge can be justified The child of a broken marriage and a nomadic childhood with a blue collar father, he volunteers for the Army during the Viet Nam era, serving with distinction as a foesyth rat’, one of an elite corps who braves the subterranean maze beneath the battlefields to find and eliminate Viet Cong fighters.

Mar 26, Cheryl rated it really liked it Shelves: Dexter hunts down his daughter’s killers in Panama and executes them, then returns home only to discover that his beloved wife couldn’t deal with the death of their only child and has committed suicide during his absence.

Besides these trite elements, there is a crucial part in the story where a rookie reporter is shown to make a discovery which not even the FBI or NSA is able to, and this strikes one as very unreal. An ordinary middle-aged attorney most of the time, Calvin Dexter sometimes takes up very risky and private assignments under the code name “Avenger”.

This time they would not lose it. He leaves public service and sets up a low key private practice in a suburban town near New York City, but in secret becomes ‘Avenger’, a skilled bounty hunter dedicated to bringing killers and the like to face justice. He quits a mundane day-job and dives into a life of cloak-and-daggers and sniper rifles.

Customs and passport control check-points were nerve-racking for the agents, and Isser even set up a small base of operations at the airport cafeteria. Nobody knows what has happened until one of the unit confesses in Adolf Eichmann escaped the system and disappeared. Because when he got home, had a shower and squeezed some fresh orange juice, Cal opened a copy of this magazine and saw the ad.

Jul 03, Ed rated it it was amazing. The review of this Book prepared by Chuck Nugent. Gave me some more knowledge about what happened in the world in he forrsyth century, and also much about the USA.