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This article describes the following items about the update: The issues that the update fixes Whether you must make any registry changes. When you edit a Microsoft Office Word document in Wordmany in-document items may lose their full functionality after the document is saved.

Examples of these in-document items include Equations, Smart Art, and Charts. When you open this document in Wordthese in-document items cannot be enabled or modified. After you install this update, the full functionality of various in-document items with Word is retained.

Walkthrough: Insert text into a document from an actions pane

However, this full functionality is not retained with earlier versions of Word. Items that use the new alignment features in Word might not be positioned correctly when the document is opened in earlier versions of Word.


After you install this update, the layout of items will convert more accurately in all earlier versions of Word. How to update the Compatibility Pack Method 1: Download and install the updated Compatibility Pack If wkrd have not already done this, install the original Compatibility Pack. Because this file was created in a newer version of Word, it has been converted to a format that you can work with.

Walkthrough: Insert text into a document from an actions pane – Visual Studio | Microsoft Docs

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