Official political map of Faerûn (a geography map with political borders) was first published in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for Dungeons& Dragons. Forgotten Realms Interactive Map: detailled informations by clicking an area or a spot on the map, zoom, selection of the type of marks to display, determine. Hard to find a current map for 5e. All my research provides me is with the 4e version and 3e version. From my understanding, is the 3e the more.

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And in 5e FR, some event happened The Sundering which kind of restored it to 3. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Which book for 3rd edition?

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I’ve removed some unnecessary commentary from your answer to keep it focused.

DJTigon the question was “official source”.

Hi Deyric, and welcome to the site. Homebrew must be tagged – Homebrew submissions should begin with the [Homebrew] tag or contain the [Homebrew] flair, and you may only post one new homebrew thread per day. From my understanding, is the 3e the more accurate one or has somebody mwp a map of the current state?


Behold the Interactive Map of Faerun

No challenge to trademarks or ownership is intended or implied. Answers that don’t include explanations may be removed. And it is crazy good, with some serious levels of detail when you click on any of the map reference pins!

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There’s been no 5E map of all of Faerun that I know of. Use clear, concise title names – Titles must be clear, concise, and not worded in a misleading fashion.

As someone who’s new mwp the game and setting, I find the Forgotten Realms wikia to be a great source of information, msp it has a page for the Second Sundering which I believe is what you’re looking for.

There is no updated map with the changes kept over from the second sundering. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Run to your shop and get the Sword Coast Adventure Guide!

But the 3E one is probably better than the 4E one considering how much of 4E’s mess was undone in the lore. Email Required, but never shown. Why didn’t you say you in the beginning?


In addition to the map in chooban’s answerthere’s a more detailed map of the Savage Frontier which extends from the Sword Coast to the desert of Anauroch in Storm King’s Thunder on pg. Post as a guest Name.

Faerun Map.jpg

Learn how your comment data is processed. As far as I know, no one has made a map of all of Faerun since 3e, so this is going to be your best bet. I would like to know how does it all fit in?

The Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide map is the same one as in chooban’s answer, for the curious. Mqp the opinions of others – Each table is unique, just because someone plays differently to you it does not make them wrong.

Map of Faerün | Dungeons & Dragons

There’s a map online of the northwest corner of Faerun, but I don’t believe there’s an official map of all of the Forgotten Realms yet. Submit a new link.

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