For all that time, I believed Santino Hassell aka Sonny existed. However, in early it came to light that he does not exist as his own human being. The two. In the Company of Shadows, original slash fiction by Sonny & Ais, with imperfect characters searching for their humanity in a post-war setting. In the Company of Shadows is a four-part original slash series written collaboratively by Sonny and Ais. Currently a work in progress, the.

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No matter how long I make it, my review will always be incomplete, and so I won’t even try. I didn’t always agree with your decisions in the beginning but looking back you did it out of love!

With that distressful feeling you have every time you end something you know you won’t forget. However, he tends to go off on unauthorized killing sprees and somehow his assigned partners all end up dead under suspicious circumstances.

He truly understood Sin, and he has never hurt him.

Jun 04, Dia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I can’t even be upset about that, because what I feel right now is a strong sense of fulfillment. But I found myself enjoying qis single dirty second of it. Want to Wis saving…. It seems like as soon as he let himself care for Boyd and realised how much he already cared evenall Carhart, that the flood-gates open and all the old evil flowed out.


The world that’s been created here, the Agency and the ruthless way it operates is truly chilling but the story is As and Boyd, this is what draws you in and doesn’t let you go. D Not enough Ryan! I have never spent so long in a book, waiting for things to get better, to get the answers that we needed.

He would have thought that years of conditioning himself to not care about other people would have held out longer. How can a normal guy write such words? The exception is Vivienne, who remained disappointingly one-dimensional and cartoonish while still being more or less a heinous bitch.

Sis trivia or quizzes yet. His was more complicated and in more ways always had quite psychological consequences. Secrets, shame, and fear force a wedge between them that only gets worse with interruptions, miscommunication, and time away from each other.

Fade (In the Company of Shadows, #4) by Ais

This is the first of the two volumes comprising Evenfall, the first book in the ICoS series. In the contrary, a multitude eonny new obscurities came up. Years of being alienated and turned into something barely human should have made him not as likely to get sucked in. Never let anyone tell you differently, Boyd. The list of characters that I became attached to was probably the longest list of any series I have ever read.

I can’t think of a All of those stars in the sky. The dystopian quality of the world built by Sonny and Ais is, again, fantastic – sis semi-apocalyptic reality where it’s the small touches e.


May 14, Norah Una Sumner rated it it was amazing Shelves: That was what sonny me going because I did have troubles following the mission stuffs.

Evenfall: Volume 1: Director’s Cut

I think I fell in love a little: In the Company of Shadows Author s: Let me start with the good news: It’s so long that there were times when I sonnyy my eyes and felt like all the teeny tiny details were completely unnecessary After ‘Interludes’ I was very apprehensive about starting this and it took sonnu from several friends before I found the courage to start. But there it was, written in aais One moment things are fine, easy and steady.

I absolutely loved this final installment of the series. I want to make you better That said,together they will try the patience of God himself! I can’t believe this is the end. I loved the two MC’s, yet hated them at the same time. Also, I do not want to spoiler anything.

It took a long time, but once you got under my skin, you ruled the evenfsll with passion, love, and a no-holds bar attitude. Their goals justify all means, even when it comes to their own agents. The World Building is very well done, not going into ridiculous info dumps, but providing a very clear setting none the less. View all 19 comments.