This page contains information about the Service Manual for the EPS Plus from Ensoniq Corporation. Hello Gslutz, im searching for schematics for the Ensoniq EPS Can someone help You wont find the service manual for free on the web. 21 EPS—16 PLUS Service Manual Table of Contents — 1 Table of Contents . For more information about the Poly-Key Keyboard assembly, see ENSONIQ.

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Carefully slide the Disk Drive out of the wheel assembly. Remove the one 1 machine screw from the bottom of the unit located about 1″ back from the control panel this screw goes through the disk drive mounting bracket inside the unit. This connector does not simply supply audio outputs and signal ground and, therefore, cannot be used to generate separate outputs without the OEX Create New Wavesample Replacing the Rack Disk Drive Removing 1.

Ensoniq EPS PLUS Manuals

The “Disk Test Counter” is used to automatically monitor test disk usage and to indicate when a test disk becomes unreliable. Reconnect the audio cables.

Drawings Figure 1 – Scribe Disconnect the pin ribbon cable from the KPC board. If you must replace a Main Board with a 1 Main Board, three cables must be replaced. Using an Ohmmeter, verify continuity between the following points on the Main Board: Enaoniq reassemble, first make sure that the underlay and all the buttons are in place and that the lens is clean and in its proper position.


Please read this carefully. The following sounds will servlce loaded into the InstrumentvTrackl through 8: If the memory expander board is a REV A, there should only be two screws holding it in. Remove the four 4 screws that attach the mounting brackets to the Disk Drive. Re-install the Power Supply screws.

Previously, this was sent only if the user pressed the Stop button. Also watch for ESP download errors as an instrument is selected.

Transport the unit only with either a plastic sheet in the drive or nothing in the drive at all. Remove all cables connected to the EPS, including the Power mabual 2. Don’t have an account?

Carefully lift the Wheel Assembly out of the case. The function of this plate is to keep the pin ribbon cable from interfering with the Disk Drive motor.

This will prevent a faulty option from complicating your troubleshooting.

ENSONIQ EPS 16 Plus Service Manual

In Self-test mode, the Display remains blank until you press the buttons on the control panel. Note that you should ensooniq the pin ribbon cable from the Main Board at J12 instead of from the Keyboard. If one fuse blows, the other will also blow; you must replace both. Performance Sampler Keyboard Description: See Rack Hardware Notes item 4 on p.


Note that the OEX-8 outputs are not designed to drive headphones directly and should manua plugged into a suitable line-level pre-amp such as a mixing board. Install the five 5 self-tapping screws on the back of the unit Make sure that there is a star washer on the center screw. Pressing various control panel buttons will cause manuap Display to print characters, home the cursor, etc.

Press Command, and double-click on the Instrument button.

ENSONIQ EPS Musician’s Manual

Detune Rate and Amt parameters were interconnected, changing either one changed the other. Pressing the Edit button will display the number of times the test has been performed and the number of times the test has failed.

The procedure for testing the OEX-6 can be found on p.

Note that the OEX-6 outputs are not designed to drive headphones direcdy and should be plugged into a suitable line-level pre-amp such as a mixing board.