The time: years after man’s first landing on the Moon. There are permanent populations established on the Moon, Venus, and Mars. Outer space inhabitants . Earthlight [Arthur C. Clarke, Brian Holsopple] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The time: years after man’s first landing on the Moon. Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. 6 1-hour cassettes. About the Author. Arthur C. Clarke was considered to be the greatest science fiction writer of all time.

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There is also an enigma – the apparent sighting of a ‘beam of light’, that should not be possible on the airless world. This is good to hear. Review Earthlight is my tenth Arthur C. Eartglight are commenting using your WordPress. I took to the novel like the proverbial duck to water and felt like I was back in time. The narrative takes place on the Moon, in a not terribly far future where humanity has spread to the earthljght and throughout the solar system.

The danger comes from atom weapons and from radiation.

Apr 21, Lisa Harmonybites rated it liked it Shelves: Aug 18, Sam Arnold rated it calrke it. Bert is an accountant, officially sent to the Moon to check budget spending by the astronomers in Plato Crater.

In an interesting twist on the long-standing SF trope of mining the moon and asteroids and whatnot, in Earthlightour celestial neighbors are actually found to be eatthlight in many essentials, thus rendering the colonies more dependent upon the homeworld than they’d like.

Unfortunately, Earthlight falls flat, largely due to the monotonous investigations of Sadler and the restrained worldbuilding and pace. Want to Ckarke Currently Reading Read. The main battle at the end of the book is actually surprisingly inconclusive and although all becomes well in the end, it is not the type of exciting event that readers normally expect. Inevitably, Earthlight is dated, as one would expect from a novel written well over 50 years ago.



However, there is far worse to be seen in the field of data processing in E E Clarks Old, scientifically dated, boring, and appallingly sexist. The novel, in parts, reminded me of Heinlein’s, “The Moon is a Hard Mistress”, yet it isn’t anything close to that calibre, however, one can almost make a cas This is a really fine science fiction spy novel set on the Moon.

This is explained later in the story as a weapons beam that included metal particulates moving at high velocity. Sadler is sent to the Claroe main astronomical observatory located near the crater of Plato as a tip off has suggested that information is being routed through that location.

There also seems to be some envy coming from Earth, in that the colonies have snatched up all the brightest scientific talent. This is a very nice short piece of science fiction literature. Dec 04, Ellie rated it liked it.

Arthur C. Clarke Reading Challenge – October: Earthlight | For winter nights – A bookish blog

It would have been exactly the same without clakre agent or the spy. Despite a relatively long preceding era of peace, Earth and the Federation each prepare technologically for war. Obviously, the other esrthlight are not very fond of that behaviour. The signal was received by a Federation spaceship a few million kilometers away. Nov 26, Phil Giunta rated it liked it. You can read here the reviews of all the other Arthur C.


Earthlight by Arthur C. Clarke

Lists with This Book. Earthlight is the story of Bertram Sadler, an undercover agent for the CIA sent to the moon clzrke ferret out a suspected spy.

By modern standards this is a earhhlight slim novel, only pages in total. He notices the beauty of the Moon under ‘earthlight’; the Earth in the sky far bigger than the Moon in the skies of Earth. Of the three Federal cruisers, two are destroyed along with the mine in the battle. There have been no wars for the last years.

SF : Earthlight / Arthur C. Clarke ★★★★

Notify me of new posts via email. Clarke read of and the law of averages dictates that even with an author such as Clarke not all ten are going to be crackers. At one stage he puts on the television and they are playing tennis on the Moon with special honeycombed tennis balls that provide extra resistance so have characteristics similiar to if they were playing on Earth which makes it more watchable. He is just the couple of eyes Arthutr uses to show us how the world is in that cclarke future.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. The character This is a very nice short piece of science fiction literature.