digesteur biogaz pdf A biogas digester is a simple system which produces biogas , via the natural anaerobic decomposition of organic material. The biogas. 4 nov. De cette façon, on crée un biogaz riche en méthane et utilisable en un bio- digesteur anaérobique qui utilise les déchets alimentaires et le. PUXIN small digesteur de biogaz domestique, digesteur de biogaz for wastewater treatment, US $ – / Cubic Meter, PUXIN, PXm3, Guangdong.

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Low cost puxin biogas digesteur de biogaz domestique, digesteur de biogaz

Low cost puxin biogas digesteur de biogaz domestique, digesteur de biogaz. Application of the digesteur de biogaz domestique, digesteur de biogaz: It is the ultimate solution for families, restaurantshotels and resorts to treat their organic wastes food waste, sewage sludge and animal manure etc.

Biogas and Clean natural liquid fertilizer Minimum Ambient Temperature: Equipments of the digesteur de biogaz domestique, digesteur de biogaz: The biogas digester is composed of a digseteur house made with hollow sunlight sheet and mental digezteur frame, a membrane biogas biogas digester with a gas storage bag combined in one, a stainless steel sink, a stainless steel outlet, a biogas filter and a biogas booster pump.

The membrane of the biogas digester has the characteristics of anti-aging, acid and alkali resistant and rodent resistance. Only AC Dlgesteur Characteristics of the digesteur de biogaz domestique, digesteur de biogaz: The biogas digester made from flexible polymer material, putted in a hollow sunlight sheet green house.


Outside cover with anti-aging, abrasion resistance, impact hiogaz, strong sunlight sheet and with anti-aging, high strength aluminum structure design,external objects cannot hurt the biogas digester inside, anti-collision and so on.

Under normal working condition, the biogas digester can service for 10 years and the mental frames no need to be replaced eternally.

Digesteur biogaz pdf

The frame design based on setup on the ground, exterior design based digesetur sunshine warming the digester, and a pad for insulation and heating. The biogas digester body is in deep color, easy absorb solar energy, so the whole digester inside temperature keep at high degrees, the fermentation digester works very efficiently with high biogas production.

The biogas digester with good sealing performance, the entire project site will be no smell, fermentation digester using pressure balanced design ensures fermentation atmospheric environment working under bioggaz pressure, there will be no potential high biogas pressure risk.

There is a feeding pump to add raw material to the biogas digester, no need to feed and mix the fermentation manually. It can also add a circulating pump to reuse part of residue with high mixture so as to accelerate the waste fermentation and increase the daily gas production. The residue and sludge after fermented can be discharged automatically to a sludge pool for agriculture fertilizing.


COP21: la solution israélienne pour transformer vos déchets

It comes in cardboard boxes. It can be assembled within 30 minutes by clients themselves without any training. Width of the greeen house: The biogas digester is convenient for commercialization: Special size products can be manufactured when order in Batch. Capable dealers are welcome! Shenzhen Puxin Technology Co.

COP la solution israélienne pour transformer vos déchets ” | ”

Since its establishment, the company has been concentrated in the development of Puxin biogas system and the products needed to build the system. After successfully completing the development of Puxin family size biogas system, the company began to develop of Puxin medium and large size biogas system in By the end of Sep.

In China Puxin biogas system has been extended to over ten provinces. Contact Supplier Start Order.

Not exactly what you want? Membrane biogas digester 3. Biogas stove double burner. Biogas, Gas consumption rate: Biogas lamp with electronical switch. Normal flow rate Q: Single biogwz brush motor.