Segovia Scales – Andres Segovia () Tabbed by: Treccina Email: [email protected] DIATONIC MAJOR AND MINOR SCALES “The student. By moving this pattern you aren’t changing any of the intervals between the notes so the “quality” (eg major / minor) of the scale isn’t changed. Strings By Mail Diatonic Major and Minor Scales – A collection of Diatonic Major and Scales with fingerings and practice recommendations by Andres Segovia.

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In this regard they were first, and they stood out. Thank you for your comment, Heike. I went as far as 7th grade piano AMEB Australia and I was studying diploma level Trinity College harmony and counterpoint, but I have no recall of ever seeing a natural minor scale mentioned.

You could even argue that a scale played on one string with just one finger has some virtue to it! Thank you very much for this interesting insight into the Segovia Scales. You have to be logged in to the Forum to access the attachments.

The Segovia Scales : A Practical Guide | Classical Guitar Corner

Thanks to the independence and elasticity which the fingers develop through the study of scales, the student will soon acquire a quality which is very difficult to gain later: Dave Belcher December 13, at 1: Sales inventory, friendly service, reliable shipping. Was that a difficult thing to do? Just by having them in your possession makes you feel like you are moving in the right direction.


Obviously I would need a knowledge ciatonic scales to progress in music theory, but do you otherwise think arpeggio studies are an alternative? I have never been able to stay motivated to run scales in my practice routine. Verified Reviewer What is a Verified Reviewer.

Rian December 10, at At one point I even had them memorized, al the way around the circle of 5ths. I play seegovia of them everyday when these are not too many at the time to prepareā€¦ It is like a checkup and it is focussing on all basic things like relaxation, scanning body tension etc. A Verified Buyer is a segoviaa who has purchased the reviewed product through our store.

Guitar Strings Guitar Strings Back.

I like to work some with what the various Jazz educators have put out. Hi simon, thanks for your post about the segovia scales. I djatonic got the advice from Pepe Romero to work them regularly!

I always wondered how Segovia could take credit for a set of musical scales. David Aitken December 10, at Arpeggios are an excellent tool for developing all sorts of different movements in the right hand.

Diana M Roesling January 9, at 3: Irv Scaales December 11, at 3: However, they are organized, systematic, and also focused i. Great to hear from you.

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Dave Belcher January 11, at They ascend and descend like countless other scales have done over the centuries. Simon, I very much enjoyed your Facebook Live presentation last night.

Diatonic Major and Minor Scales

John December 11, at I first used them to develop speed with some success. Oscar Corea December 11, at John December 11, majorr 5: Please click on the link in the confirmation email we just sent you to submit your question. If he practices them two hours a day, he will correct faulty hand positions, gradually increase the strength of the fingers, and prepare the joints for later speed studies. They are not just scales but the Segovia scales!

The Segovia Scales : A Practical Guide

I say physical, because sonority and its infinite shadings are not the result of stubborn majot power but spring from the innate excellence of the spirit. Eat healthy portions every day! But I will make an educated guess that a just small percentage of guitarists that purchase the Segovia Scales actually practice the scales in the second half of the book!