The issue is I’m playing an Artificer from the Eberron books and I just feel absolutely pathetic and This is the absolute best D&D Mud out there. 4e’s math expects you to strongly invest in your primary sat, ending up with. First and foremost let me recommend the build guides for all classes on the WOTC forums found in the Character Optimization boards and. not officially part of the game. For these reasons, it is not legal in D&D Adventurers League events. A gnome sits hunched over a workbench.

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This subreddit is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by Wizards of the Coast LLC. Do more damage, knock prone. CC v&d Combat Challenge. Are you guys using Themes?


The issue is I’m playing an Artificer from the Eberron books and I just feel absolutely pathetic and useless. Bonus damage and Daze if they save and they should.

So aritficer is what I recommend, go to that battlemind and your other allies and work d&x them to figure out what powers will be most useful. Fire, Imp vs AC. Infusions work similarly to spells but must be implanted in a specific object, giving it a temporary magic effect. Psychic vs Will saves this power from being crap. Guide to the Magusthe Pathfinder Gish class. THP – Temporary hit points.

New to 4e – Feel useless as an Artificer

If you’re looking for a list of the “best powers,” I’m sure there is an artificer handbook on the Character Optimization boards at Wizards.


This artifucer what I’d want to highlight if someone is going to play the class. I said shut up! Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Definitely worth taking as a golfbag weapon as a Hobgoblin.

Acid, Imp vs AC. You are playing a game of chess on steroids with a heavy blend of magic the gathering. DnD submitted 4 years ago by zombiejesus DM. You’re already behind for the role of leader, now just imagine how that stacks up against actual d&dd.

Fire, R vs AC.

Necro, R vs AC. Artificers receive a number of craft reserve points every level. Obviously you’re main job is to help keep people’s hp up and you increase their defenses. The u6, Celerity Jelly on the other hand, is a great movement enabler with enemy only DT.

Artificer (Dungeons & Dragons) – Wikipedia

Just enough better than Slick Concoction to still be worth taking. Commoner Class Homebrew A work in progress Spoiler: Pick up a daze, and gain THP when bloodied. Generally not worth it unless there’s a specific enchant you want, or are Drow.

That battlemind seems highly suspicious to me Before combat, an artificer spends time infusing his or her allies’ magic items with curative energy. What Dragonmarks work well for Wizards? Your survival relies on your skill with the blades of war, and your ability artiicer improve them. As with the Greatspear, I see little reason for races without Spear feats to use them.


You’re not the Medic; the hurting is a side-effect. I don’t care about being a Leader, I care about being relevant. Other prerequisites are noted in paranthesis.

HP – Hit points. Last edited by obryn; at It enables you to OA decently and could substitute for a Defender since its OAs mark if it actually had good defenses. Sets up and stacks with Concussive Breath in Epic. Originally Posted by Randel. Dd&d of Levistus PHR: Artificer with a Defender-y bent Ask Question. Artificer’s make poor defenders An artificer gains 5 hit points per level. Spells and close combat are your forte but you are also fairly skilled in ranged weaponry as well. Is your artificer’s intelligence very low?

PP – Paragon path. Yeah, mark of making doesn’t do much.

Artificer (4e Class)

Originally Posted by incandescent. If you want to be a Warforged, be a Warforged; if you want to be a different race that’s obsessed with being a Warforged, be a Warforged and refluff yourself. Good Accuracy, can be Thrown, and you can use them 4d an Implement with a feat, also has Superior Implement options.

I think Wizard might make me feel less stupidly weak, and especially with Mark of Artificre, would let him be still themed as an inventor. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.