Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Starred Review. Grade 8 Up– Klass enters Firestorm: The Caretaker Trilogy: Book 1 – Kindle edition by David Klass. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. His mother is not his mother. His father is not his father. But if Jack hadn’t broken the high school rushing record that night, he never would have known an. When eighteen-year-old Jack learns he is actually from the future, sent back to fulfill a prophecy, he joins forces with a shape-shifter and a dog to fight the.

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I do not know if this is a way to give the narrator a unique voice and put the reader in his head or if this is just a way for the author to justify his unorthodox writing style. Jack travels around the world to try kalss make the present become better than the past by helping the Earth.

A great book for teenagers because is helps inform them about the effects of what we have done to this Earth. Gisco and Eko disappear, leaving Jack alone.

Please, tense and action filled passages can be created using whole and proper sentences. It didn’t matter he ‘explained’ and ‘excused’ it at the first of the book by the main character saying this is the way he thinks. To find out more, including how to control fidestorm, see here: If you have a tween boy who needs to read lots of butt kickin’, peacock struttin’ adventure, pick up this one.

There were twists, but you had a good idea of them before they happened.

Mary Pelton’s Blog

There is no plot, all the characters just blow stuff up, and the idea of the book as a whole is hard to identify. The problem was the sentence structure. The most irritating part are the sentence fragments and since I’m not such a good reader in the first place, this flaw is sort of annoying.


I picked up this book because the author of the Percy Jackson series Rick Riordan recommended it. The only thing I did have trouble ignoring was his lack of emotion.

I’ve somehow ended up on a motorcycle with a humongous mongrel dog named Gisco, who happens to be telepathic, riding in a sidecar. My first quarter independent reading novel was Firestorm by David Klass. Then you read Firestorm. A main strength of Firestorm was that there was constant action.

Firestorm by David Klass | Young Adult Book Reviews

Now my whole world is falling apart. Jack is continuously fighting against the monsters destroying our planet, and who leave the future Earth abominated. When he tells his parents his dad immediately takes him as far away as he can while explaining that they are not his real parents.

His main enemy is unknown, but its man vs. Although the story was not as good as I expected, Daivd still enjoyed it.

One critique I do have about the book is that I feel the characters were a bit underdeveloped. Alone and firestotm, he is tricked by something that looks like a teenage girl into going home with her, where he is held captive along with a telepathic dog named Gisco. Everyone should read Firestorm It is a fun time. May 06, Alexa Hamilton rated it did not like it Shelves: Almost like a diary. Now Firestorm is a book anyone should read.

I have been made to read this book. He is able to outsmart the ninja and get it into a position where he is in total control and can get some information about this life that is a total lie to him Most of the story is well-described, but the ending happens pretty fast so readers will have to read very closely in order to find out how everything is resolved for the time being.

A visionary from the far future has sent Jack back in time to stem the tides brought by global warming, but trailing him is the Dark Army, which thrives in the deteriorated Earth of the future.


More By and About This Author. Want firsetorm Read Currently Reading Read.

Oct 31, Jake rated it it was ok. This time around instead of the ocean it is the Amazon which makes most of the earth’s air.

Cyborgs are bad technology used only by the evil guys. Now completely defeated and alone. The story became complicated and confusing at times.

Mlass pace is determined by sentence length? He does not tell him why they have lied to him all these years or who his real parents are before they are ambushed and Jack is forced to flee for his life. Look it up, my friend, but not right now.

I think the book’s plot is great, just not the way the author told it. I liked the actiony parts. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Since there were no quotation marks, it was hard to know when they were talking to each other a After I finished reading the Firestorm, I would say it was just okay. When she makes her first appearance in the book she immediately seems like she can fight against and win against anyone. Yes Iowa Teen Award Winner Jack lives with his parents in a normal town, where he excels in football and other sports as well as academics.

He adds an element of humor, such as his devotion to the O Great Dog God, that lightens up a story that could come across as preachy, but never does. Not a single page was a boring page. So the book I read was Dwvid. Dec 11, Brian O’Leary rated it liked it. You haven’t heard of this series?