Creg Uploaded by. Alexandra Rico. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button. resolucion creg de pdf merge. Quote. Postby JustĀ» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for resolucion creg de pdf merge. Will be grateful. This CREG Regulation establishes the following articles: The connection to to the network backup: CREG Resolution / – Energy supply: through a.

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Reliability assessment The Colombian regulatory policies established by CREG resolution CREG,provided the rules for electric utilities concerning distribution system reliability.

In order to carry out cteg implementation of this study, it was necessary as a first step to bring up a simple key analysis for evaluating the results of the comparative method, which is shown in Figure 7. To simulate this reference period, the IEEE test feeder was modeled without considering the DG interconnection, and the iterative simulation procedure described in section III-A was then applied.

The economic savings in the energy bill of each one of the customers who would install Cret units. Proposed methodology The proposed methodology consists of a technical and an economic analysis scheme.

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The worldwide acknowledgment of DG inclusion in power systems and the incentives for optimizing energy resources has received great ceeg. The estimated values of the unit cost of electricity service described in Table 6 were the same for all passive customers, because these customers were connected to the same voltage level.

Although such increases in the electricity bill result from improvements in the reliability supplied by the electric utility, they would be preventing that any of the technologies is economically profitable for passive customers, because the bill price would be higher than the price these customers are able to pay to avoid a cut in the electricity supply. The application of the second study would bring small reductions in the estimated value of the ITAD reliability index, regarding the reference conditions offered by the dead zone.

If reliability is better than the dead zone boundary Z1a bonus is given. The feeder’s nominal voltage is A repair time Tr is assigned for the faulty component, following the same procedure crg in step 2. In order to carry out the implementation of the comparative method, it was required the information of the values of CU rceg according to the technology used, without considering the incentives and ceeg scheme due to the reliability supplied.

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The regulatory scheme’s object is to ensure ongoing improvement reliability. This is because the price that could be cfeg between the customer and the electric utility, to improve the reliability, does not cover the additional investment that the customer would do by the purchase of additional generation capacity used as backup for the system.


It can thus be deduced that the utility would be perceiving an annual profit, exclusively from applying the incentives and compensations scheme.

The Colombian regulatory policies established by CREG resolution CREG,provided the rules for electric utilities concerning distribution system reliability. The characteristics of the DG units considered in each of these schemes are shown in Table 1. The installed capacity of each DG unit. The incentives and compensations scheme CREGdescribed in section II, which promotes the improvement in the reliability supplied by electric utility. This information consists of the investment and generation costs of each technology, which are presented in Table 2 Corredor, This interconnection scheme represents a very optimistic condition, because it evaluates the simultaneous installation of four DG units in a distribution system as lightly loaded as the one designed by the IEEE.

It was also noted that the installation of the DG units described in the first study, corresponding to customersand and whose crfg is photovoltaic would not be profitable, because they exceed the defined maximum time to recover the initial investment. This analysis is presented in Table 4. This tool consisted of two analysis schemes: The system crwg the time dedicated to an event, the type of event, employed human resources cregg materials. It was also possible creh observe that the time to recover the initial investment in the second study is significantly reduced compared to the first study.

Reliability Model of Components: The simulation technique used corresponds to Monte Carlo cerg of mixed time Billinton, Jonnavithula,therefore the methodology designed was adapted to the guidelines proposed by this technique. Services on Demand Article. Iterative Simulation Procedure The computational tool which was designed for implementing the proposed methodology Luna, Parra, is summarized below: Besides providing a set of indexes, reliability assessment can be used for determining how a system can fail, the consequences of such failure, and it also provides information for the electric utility to relate the quality of its system to capital investment Brown, Burke, However, it should be noted that the generation sources capacities are theoretical and do not represent the construction standard capacities for these sources.

The ITAD dispersion around its mean value leads to great economic impacts for the electric utility that must be analyzed.

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This information is accumulated in an historic database for further analysis and for reporting. This negotiation represents a very adequate and fair option for such customers, because they are who would improve the reliability by using their DG units as backup plants. It shows the High, Medium and Low Voltage grid and the base map, mapping the circuits with colors and to identify de-energized lines.


English pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. Based on the results of the incentives scheme shown in Table 4, it was possible to observe that without DG in the system, the electric utility neither receives financial benefits nor should pay financial penalties, because it is located in the dead zone of the incentives curve.

The economic impacts for customers who would not install DG units or passive customers were evaluated by a comparative method, that assesses the behavior of the estimated electricity bill of each one of those customers, for the two operation schemes without and with DG. Also, it was required certain information of the DG technologies considered. Unbalanced loading with both ”spot” and ”distributed” loads.

Reliability evaluation techniques can be based on analytical methods or simulation methods Billinton, Jonnavithula, On the other hand, the statistical parameters assumed for lines were obtained from the Billinton test distribution circuit Billinton, Allan,where the failure rates are proportional to the length. It then describes the methodology proposed which evaluates the DG effects by a balance between performance and costs. Events are presented to the operator on a grid display and in different colors according to its state, for example: This reference period led to determining among others, the dead zone for the incentives scheme that is shown in Figure 5.

The DG integration leads to a certain technical and economic impacts on distribution networks, because power systems were not designed to incorporate power generation sources into distribution levels. The proposed methodology was applied to an IEEE test distribution system, considering different operation schemes for the distributed generation interconnection. The purpose of this analysis is to explain that, the DG interconnection in distribution systems may cause that the energy bill of passive customers increases or decreases, with respect to the operation scheme without DG.