Nombreux cours de chimie organique tout niveaux: réactions organiques, Autre cours sur les organométallique (cours remarquable et complet) new. cours de. Institut de Chimie Moléculaire de Reims (ICMR – UMR CNRS) Chimie organométallique asymétrique, glycochimie. (Prof. . Projets en cours. Nanosciences Moléculaires et Catalyse Université de Bordeaux, Cours de la Libération, Talence Cedex, Chimie Organométallique et Catalyse.

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Associate Professor Canada e-mail: Introduction of transition metal in the self-assembly of discrete supramolecular structures has recently received a great attention. Both, two- and three-dimensional structures, are found in the literature and the interest in these complex systems lie in the scientific field of chemistry recognition and selective transformationsbiology translocation of drugs across membranes, biomimeticsand material science construction of macroscopic architectures and devices at the molecular level.

Their synthesis involves a directional-bonding approach in which the metal centres, the multibranched ligands, or a combination of both, control the geometric shapes or polyhedra of the resulting assemblies. When systems orgajometallique ruthenium atoms in a two-dimensional fashion are relatively common, three-dimensional structures incorporating ruthenium atoms are scarce.

This project originates from the introduction of arene ruthenium building blocks in the self-assembly with 2,4,6-tri pyridyl -1,3,5-triazine subunits of hexanuclear metalloprisms. The synthesis organometalliqque these new metalla-prismatic compounds have opened a wide perspective for bio- and nano-applications and therefore this research project intends to exploit the potential of arene ruthenium moieties in self-assemblies in order to design nano-structured molecules such as supramolecular squares and rectangles, chiral triangular prisms and supramolecular host-guest systems.

Bridging the Gap from Bio- to Nano-Materials. This interdisciplinary research project is based around the development of arene-ruthenium complexes. So far, the research on arene-ruthenium complexes has been mainly concentrated around ligands directly attached to the ruthenium atom, the arene moiety playing only a minor role.


Therefore, introducing functionalised moieties to the coordinated arene ligand opens the door to the generation of new compounds which can be used for various applications. The project is intended to exploit the potential of functionalised arene-ruthenium complexes in mainly two fields: As biological active compounds and as building block in the construction of nano-materials.

The bio-inorganic part will focus on the synthesis of specific targeted complexes which incorporate bio-active lrganometallique. These mono-functionalised arene-ruthenium complexes possessing a bio-sensor will find application organmetallique as anticancer and antiviral agents. The nano-materials part implies the synthesis of multi-functionalised arene-ruthenium building blocks which will be used in the preparation of more elaborated architectures such as polymers, dendrimers, squares, grids or capsules.

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Groupe Nanosciences Moléculaire et Catalyse – Pr. Didier Astruc

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Coloration de flamme 7. Illustration d’ondes stationnaires 8. Oxydation catalytique de l’ammoniac Luminescence du luminol Autoinflammation du phosphore blanc Virages d’indicateurs acidobasiques Tamponnement en solution aqueuse: La pile Daniell Publications System biology approach for in lrganometallique photodynamic therapy optimization of ruthenium-porphyrin compounds M.

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