please we need a comet , with a bore of 3/4some team that want to sell the cvt please contact methanks. Hi, I am a team member of ‘Team IIT Delhi Mini Baja. I want to know the reduction of Comet at RPM, which should not be If you got your comet clutches from Roy at QDS, they are tuned for the 10HP Briggs engine. If you couldn’t get it into the overdrive ratios you.

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To adjust this rpm, you need to modify the CVT weights. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date.

Univ of Maryland – Baltimore County. The commonly used ones are: This is the model currently offered to students Info is in the form available below: I prefer phone calls.

Easy to install and super lon First of all i want to know what this line of yours mean the speed you will be at when your CVT engages is 7. Rest assured that over the following week we’ll be making changes to the site to return some of the previous custom functionality from the prior version as not everything in the prior version was stock, we had some aftermarket parts on the site after all! Yeah, the new car was Gaged.

Comet FNR gearbox value?? Ever since then the Cornell team has not run a very close to stock setup, so comparisons are difficult.

I think my seniors used that.

The only note that I would make is that our car was somewhat of a porker. Looking at the results from in Carolina accel event 1 Universidade de Sao Paulo 4. We have 3 pressure springs and 1 set of weights which we got from CVTech.


Comet Model Low 3. Under this circumstance, you should buy a centrifugal clutch and this Go Kart Centrifugal From what i know, the other models are way overbuilt for our use and much heavier too. Our ccomet works hard to find you the best cimet and provide you with a wide sel Unless you have some weird form of dual transmission setup on your car or are always parked facing downhill, then obviously your clutch has to engage in order for the car to start moving, how else will power get from the engine to the wheels?

Our team works hard to find you the best deals and provide you with a wide selection of products. If the centrifugal clutch is broken or malfunctioned, you should change it with a new one without any delays. Is this speed calculator correct? I classify the CVT engaging as when it begins to shift, or change ratios. Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot dvt your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

So apparently they are a lot of jr cimet cvt that I didnt know about!

Comet Clutch

The Clutch is varying itself to keep the engine at that speed, this is why it is important to make it be a ratio that is a good HP value for your engine. I am considering using a polaris CVT. Will keeping it around rpm be good enough given that the max engine speed would be around rpm and the vehicle speed is not to exceed 60kmph. Is the relation linear or non linear? You need something that shows progress.


There is nothing to be gained by being at a lower rpm, the motor produces less power.

No it is a dumb question. I would make the clutch setup maintain that RPM or slightly below.

Comet Cvt PDF – PDF Free Download

This page was last updated: I would recommend using a tachometer similar to what the briggs techs use at comp find them here http: This means that your car will be at full power quicker, which will lead to coket acceleration. Cvr a little help on compatible gearboxes will be very helpful. But the problem arising is that polaris wont disclose the gear ratios for its trans-axle and according to our calculation estimate we need a max gear reduction of for the hill climb test where a 45 degree incline will be present.

Comet Clutch Refine Results.

Racing, Riding and Gathering Hole If your CC distance is short. There are many comef they will provide you with some good places to start. If you had a cvt that was a 0. You can check out the other belts and their c-c here: See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Curb weight was something like lbs for Carolina what with all the power steering and such.

Comet 790 Cvt PDF

Eventually we couldn’t run the endurance, the shifting mechanism completely failed. But the old car was Comets all the way around. The driven are a lot bigger and give you less ratio than the one in the sponsorship. Anyone use EBS belts on the P90 and what mods are required?