Claudio Robazza is an Associate Professor of Methods and didactics of motor activities at the Faculty of Movement Sciences, University of Chieti, Italy. Claudio Robazza, Italian sports psychologist, educator. Member of Sport Psychologists Association. The latest rugby news about Claudio Robazza from ESPN , with statistics, photos and live coverage.

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HRV has become the conventionally accepted term to describe variations of both instantaneous heart rate and RR intervals Task Force, Perceived impact of anger and anxiety on sporting performance in rugby players C Robazza, L Bortoli Psychology of Sport and Exercise 8 6, Contrary to expectations, no association was found between motor abilities and robazzw physical activity.

Cognitive, social, and physiological determinants of emotional state. Findings provided preliminary evidence of psychophysiological and postural differences among four performance categories as conceptualized within the MAP model.

In this proof of concept study, we explored the conceptual notion of shared and complementary mental models through EEG mapping of two brains performing a real-world interactive motor task of increasing difficulty. Cambiamenti emozionali e strategie di coping durante la prestazione in ginnastica artistica more.

The low association of the PBS-ST scale with other measures suggests that the scale taps unique constructs. An ego-involving climate was a positive predictor of controlled motivation, and of the intensity and impact of functional anger and the intensity of dysfunctional anger. The same pattern of results was found for physical self-perception as a mediator of the relationship between BMI and robazzs dissatisfaction. The Sit-and-Reach Test was employed to estimate flexibility, while lower limb strength was measured by squat jump and counter-movement jump tests.


Relationship between performance and heart rate variability in amateur basketball players during playoffs more.

Temporal pattern of pre-shooting psycho-physiological states in elite athletes: Affect, Robasza and SC level were evaluated with a Performance-based approach and a Probabilistic method, and results compared at an individual level. Performance-induced positive and negative emotions in sports more.

This “Cited by” count includes citations to the following articles in Scholar. Abstract Advances in sport evaluation Age-related aspects of sport performance Amateur and elite sport performance Designing and implementing sport interventions Gender-related aspects cladio sport Health Individual sports Prevention of sport injuries Socio-hystorical aspects of sport Sport participation and health behaviours Team sports.

Do psychobiosocial states mediate the relationship between perceived motivational climate and individual motivation in youngsters? Differences by Gender and Preparation Phases.

Claudio Robazza | D’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara –

So far, the time course of physiological data before performance has not been investigated within the probabilistic methodology framework.

We also investigated how this relationship could be mirrored in the coupled functional organization of the interacting brains. Third, performers were engaged in several shooting sessions and asked to assess themselves by rating the quality of each core component. Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback. Changes among 4 types of processing were also observed during performance.

Competence, achievement goals, motivational climate, and pleasant psychobiosocial states in youth sport more. They were asked to identify the most relevant, idiosyncratic core component of their shooting action and perform shots distanced 10 m from the target. The white book on sport.

Jan 16, Publication Name: EmotionsSport Behaviorand Sport Behaviour. Add Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Claudio Robazza: Mental training and performance optimization in sport | IP SPALC

Skip to main content. In conclusion, obesity proved to have adverse effects on both motor performance and physical self-perception. Results of Study 2 provided evidence of substantial measurement and structural invariance of all dimensions across samples.


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Good fit to the data also emerged for the motivational climate, emotional states, and motivation regulations sequence.

In this proof of concept study, we explored the conceptual Intensity, idiosyncratic content and functional impact of performance-related emotions in athletes C Robazza, L Bortoli Journal of Sports Sciences 21 3, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Afterwards, self-regulation can be applied to recover optimal states and modulate increase or decrease intensity levels of PBS states.

Results Core component ratings were linked to shooting scores classified as optimal or suboptimal. Perceptual and motor …. Self-reported physical activity was Shared mental models and intra-team psychophysiological patterns: The perceived impact on performance was also examined using an open-ended question. Performance emotions in an elite archer: My profile My library Metrics Alerts.

Twenty-eight athletes 16 men and 12 women completed the Recovery-Stress Questionnaire for Sport RESTQ-Sport in the preseason phase, after a training period of 21 days, and in the competition phase during the play-off period. Posted in AbstractDesigning and implementing sport interventions Tags: Girls, when compared with boys, and overweight and obese participants, when compared with normal-weight peers, reported lower perceived and actual physical competence, higher perceived body fat and greater body dissatisfaction.

Jan 1, Publication Name: Finally, the most influential core components were further assessed under conditions of increased distress and simulated competition.