The Cisco® ASA X Next-Generation Firewall is a compact yet high-density firewall that delivers tremendous scalability, performance, and security in a. Data Sheet. © Cisco and/or its .. firewall performance; and the high-end Cisco ASA X with SSP provides 20 Gbps of multi-protocol firewall. This data sheet describes the benefits, specifications, and ordering information Cisco ASA X Series Next-Generation Firewalls and Cisco ASA X.

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Asasak9 cisco firewall asasak9 price for. Cisco asa x ssp 10, ssp 20, ssp 40, and ssp 60 firewalls require cisco asa software release 9. Cisco asa x ssp10, ssp20, ssp40, and ssp60 firewalls require cisco asa software release 9. It appears that asa ssp 20 will shows as ciisco of ram which is expected in 8.

Cisco determined that most of the low end devices had too little capacity to include the features needed, such as anti-virus, or sandboxing, and so introduced a new line called next generation firewall. This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat clsco Cisco asa series security appliances models. Cisco asa nextgeneration firewall services is a suite of modular security services that run on the cisco asa x series nextgeneration firewalls x, x, x, x, x, and x with security.

ASA Data Sheet (Model Spec Sheet) – Think Netsec

The cisco asa x firepower services ssp 10, ssp 20, ssp 40, and ssp 60 hardware blades are supported on the cisco asa x platform. Eos and eol announcement for the cisco asa x next. Retrieved from ” https: SSP stands for security services processor. The names of firmware files includes a version indicaotr, -smp means it is for a symmetrical multiprocessor and 64 bit architectureand different parts also indicate if 3DES or AES is supported or not.

Retrieved March 20, We icd coolbela help you reduce capital expenditures capexaccelerate your growth, and optimize your investment dollars and roi. The ASA software is based on Linux.


Cisco announces the endofsale and endoflife dates for the cisco asa x aas firewall. There is ciwco command line interface CLI that can be used to query operate or configure the device.

The introduced in was a desktop unit designed for small enterprises or branch offices. The leading firewall delivers superior scalability, alwayson security designed to meet the needs of a wide array of deployments, and a broad span of technology solutions including cisco vpn. Retrieved 28 December Cisco asa series adaptive security appliances are purposebuilt solutions that integrate worldclass firewall, unified communications security, vpn, intrusion prevention ips, and content security services in a unified platform.

Asa 5585 ssp 10 datasheet pdf

Retrieved 21 March Cisco asaasaasaasaasa Cisco asaasaasaasaasaasa. The last day to order the affected products is august 25, Find cisco asa x firewall edition ssp10 bundle security appliance series prices and learn where to buy.

Datasbeet, id wait for a cisco employee answer or someone that has sure knowledge. Cisco asa nextgeneration firewall services datashet security administrators greater visibility into the traffic flowing through the network, including the users connecting to the network, the devices used, and the applications and. Ssp 10, x ssp 20, x ssp 40 and x ssp 60 which contains a multiplechip standalone cryptographic module with the cryptographic boundary defined asthe modules chassis along with the opacity shields.

The asax with firepower services combines our proven network firewall with the industrys most effective nextgen ips and advanced malware protection so you can get. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ssp10 cisco asa x with ssp20 cisco asa x with ssp40 cisco asa x with ssp60 stateful inspection firewall throughput maximum1 4 gbps 10 gbps 20 gbps 40 gbps stateful inspection firewall throughput multiprotocol2 2 gbps 5 gbps 10 gbps 20 gbps.

The ASA is a unified threat management device, combining several network security functions in one box. Cisco asa x ssp 10 and ssp 20 firewalls require cisco asa software release 8. Lifeline of todays data centers including various new features of the cisco asa firewall as a nextgeneration data center firewall in terms of its capability, scalability, and performance.


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The X has options for SSP. Server appliance Lua-scriptable hardware Cisco products Computer network security.

ASA Data Sheet

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cisco asa x firewall edition ssp10 bundle cnet. Nowadays, cisco asa x series plays a vital role in the data center that is more important to the enterprise than ever before.

Asa x with firepower ssp 10 meet the industrys first adaptive, threatfocused nextgeneration firewall ngfw designed for a new era of threat and malware protection. It provides comprehensive protection from known and advanced threats, including protection against.

Session information this is an introductory session it is not meant for professionals with deep knowledge of firewalls and cisco asa this session is not for you if you want to deep dive into configurations for specific features 55855 references may be made to advanced functionality for context but we will stay at a fairly high level.

Retrieved 20 March The cisco asa x series nextgeneration firewalls are designed to meet the network, budget, and performance needs of small offices while delivering enterprisestrength security. Cisco asa x firewall edition ssp60 bundle cnet. Cisco asa specs, features and model cieco. Please see the asa with firepower mtzbausb driver ordering guide for cisco asa x datasheet pdf.