We design our receiver based on Toshiba TA datasheet and later we try TA and CD with same circuit. Either CD or TA CDGP Datasheet PDF – FM/AM RADIO IC – WUXI CHINA, CDGP pdf, CDGP pinout, Other data sheets within the file: CD Pinouts: CDGP datasheet. Description: The CDGP/ Others datasheet of same file: CD,CDGB,CDGP. /01/

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May 19, at 6: Always worth a try! According to the circuit they are connected to Fm Out and Fm In, so it much be some kind of filter. I am working on a simple FM radio receiver.

This provides local feedback. There are similarities but piezoelectric effects are usually bulk rather than surface properties and I think that’s the difference. Since it has a ohms resistor in series I conclude it’s a resonator.

I think here this resonator is used as a filter for the detector output, see the CD datasheet. Reprinted Url Of This Article: It’s a CE stage Common Emitterpart of the output signal is fed through that k resistor back to the input. BrianDrummond According to muRata, see: Crystals are more expensive and datasehet a resistor in series with a crystal deteriorates it’s properties.

CF2 may be a phase shifter required for the quadrature detector FM demodulator – a kind of ceramic filter but optimised for linear phase across the C2003 passband. May 19, at 5: Google doesn’t show any detail information as well.

All files cs2003 avaialble at elect.


Figure 1 CD integrated circuit within the circuit block diagram and typical application circuit2. ChrisR 4 6. The speaker doesn’t connect to the ground in this setup, Very strange.

It behaves lika a bandpass filter but with much narrower bandwidth than you could easily get from an LC filter. Name required Mail will not be published required Website Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Code is shared on Github: Email Required, but never shown. May 20, at CF1 is a ceramic filter rather than a SAW device. Yes you can use a ceramic cap also as long as it is also 10 uF. In last few days we are looking for some simple FM radio receiver to integrate into one of our ongoing project. Then a cheap trick to fake a more logarithmic behavior is to load the potmeter with a relatively low resistance, R6 in this case. CF2 2 pins can be either a crystal or a ceramic resonator.

TA2003P datasheet, pinout, features and circuit details

Some reported it to have better reception than TEA That Crystal filter consists of many resonators to make a filter. According to the above-mentioned signal datsheet ,it’s convenient to repair AM or FM radio with sound or radio trouble. There are 2 resistors connected to the collector of theand there is a biased resistor k connected in between.

One more nicely done radio with TEA Maybe the potmeter is not a logarithmic one like you would normally use for audio. Post as a guest Name. Same thing different names. Correct and there’s also another advantage to a bridge, you don’t need a large output capacitor for the speaker. Not how R6 is 10 k but the potmeter is 50 k. Mixing with the LO signal in the mixing circuit,the signal obtained output from 3 pinobtaining the The opamp outputs are connected as a ‘bridge’.


(PDF) cd2003 Datasheet download

To evaluate my Code: Atmega 2 9 The signals received from Antenna input from the CD 16 pin ,mixing with the LO signal in the mixing circuit. I think it operates in the same way as a SAW filter. Table 1 CD integrated circuit pin functions and typical operating parameters Table 2 CD integrated circuit pin functions and test data on daatasheet desheng multi-band radio 3. Click here to cancel reply.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. All these Caps have one pin to ground, the other to the signal node so they for filtering high frequency noise out of the signal. Super cheap from numerous sellers on eBay and microprocessor controllable to boot!

Strange op-amp circuit FM radio – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

January 8, at 4: Note how at CF1 C ermic F ilter it says: Becauce CD will not easily damaged,we should pay attention to the periphery of its three-terminal filters to be checked. One of the op-amp output is daatsheet to one side of cdd2003 speaker and other output to other side.

But if I’m wrong please explain the difference as I could not find any. Gives realtime channel strength and transmission quality values too over serial.