Encyclopedia of Bioprocess Technology: Fermentation, Biocatalysis and Bioseparation, 5 Volume Set (Wiley Biotechnology Encyclopedias) [Michael C. Encyclopedia of bioprocess technology: fermentation, biocatalysis, and bioseparation. Responsibility: [edited by] Michael C. Flickinger, Stephen W. Drew . The Encyclopedia of Bioprocess Technology Fermentation, Biocatalysis and Bioseparation by Michael C. Flickinger,

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The Encyclopedia of Industrial Biotechnology was published in order to help readers make sense of biose;aration vast amounts of information that have been published around the anc across a broad array of ournals, books, and websites. Encyclopedia of Industrial Biotechnology is the ideal starting point for research projects involving any aspect of industrial biological processes, including fermentation, biocatalysis, bioseparation, and biofabrication.

Acclimatization of plantlets from in vitro to the ambient environment John Preece. Acetic acid bacteria and their biotechnological applications Luciana De Vero.

Acrylamide, microbial production by nitrile hydratase Yuguo Zheng. Adsorption in Simulated Moving Beds C. Adsorption, proteins with synthetic materials Joseph McGuire. Adventitious Organogenesis Geert-Jan de Klerk. Aldehyde Reductase Sayaku Shimizu. Algal Hydrogen Production Maria L. Antibiotics Biosynthesis Tilmann Weber. Antibiotics, Polyketide Yi Tang. Antibody Engineering Sherie Morrison.

Antibody, purification Michiel Ultee. Development, structural modifications and therapeutic applications Gabriel Padilla. Baculovirus Expression Systems Linda King. Baculovirus kinetics in insect cell culture Lars Nielsen. Basidiomycetous yeasts for production of carotenoids Pietro Buzzini.

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Biocatalysis, cofactor regeneration Jian-He Xu. Biocatalytic Membrane Reactors Enrico Drioli. Biocers, Industrial Applications Thibaud Coradin. Bioenergetics of microbial growth Robbert Kleerebezem. Biofuel Cells, Performance Characterization K. Biominiaturization of Bioreactors Michael Hanson.

Biophotoreceptor Arrays George Knopf. Bioprinting — Inkjet deposition Brian Derby. Bioreactors, Fluidized-Bed Winfried Storhas. Bioreactors, Perfusion Wei Wen Su.

Biosensors, Color-Sensitive Lasse Lensu. Biosensors, Environmental Amarjeet S. Biosensors, Toxicity Monitoring Silvana Andreescu. Biosorption, metals Bohumil Volesky. Carbonyl Reductase Hiroaki Yamamoto. Cell Cycle Germentation Al-Rubeai. Cell Detachment Bkoseparation Merten. Cell Differentiation, Animal Nancy Parenteau. Cell Disruption and Lysis F. Cell Products, Antibodies John Birch. Cell Separation, centrifugation Hans Axelsson. Cell Separation, flocculation Eduardo Soares. Structure, Activation, and Signaling Kristina Thiel.

Chinese hamster ovary cells in recombinant protein production David Hacker. Chromatographic purification of virus particles Peter Gagnon. Chromatography, radial flow Tingyue Gu. Crabtree Effect Jacques Thierie. Crystallization, proteins, kinetics Gianluca Di Profio. Energy Metabolism, microbial and animal cells Michael Butler. Enzymatic oligosaccharide synthesis Klaus Buchholz.

Enzymatic transglycosylation Antonio Trincone. Enzyme-catalyzed reactions in ionic liquids Romas Kazlauskas.

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Enzyme-catalyzed synthesis of unnatural or modified nucleosides Josep-Vicent Bkocatalysis. Enzymes, Detergent Karl-Heinz Maurer. Enzymes, Directed Evolution Manfred Reetz. Extremely Thermophilic Enzymes Robert Kelly.

Extremely Thermophilic Microorganisms Robert Kelly. Foam formation and control in bioreactors J. Freeze Drying, pharmaceuticals Jinsong Liu. Freezing, Biopharmaceutical Products Phillippe Lam.

Gas hold-up in bioreactors Christian Sieblist. Herbicide Resistant Plants David Songstad.

History of Biotechnology Klaus Buchholz. Immobilized Cells Viktor Nedovic. Immobilized Enzymes Jose Guisan. Industrial Biotransformation Roland Wohlgemuth.


Kinetics, enzymes Athel Cornish-Bowden. Kinetics, Microbial Growth Nicolai Panikov. Laccase Harald Cl aus. L-aspartic acid Hideaki Yukawa. Mass Transfer Yusuf Chisti. Measurement of Cell Viability Ning Wei. Membrane Chromatography Jorg Thommes.

Methylotrophs, Industrial Applications David Leak. Microalgae, mass culture methods E. Microbial Metabolite Export Lothar Eggeling. Microbial production of rhamnolipid biosurfactants Rudolf Hausmann. Microcarrier culture Susan Sharfstein.

Micropropagation of Plants Arie Altman.

The encyclopedia of bioprocess technology : fermentation, biocatalysis, and bioseparation

Mixed Culture Suteaki Shioya. Modeling the flow distribution in large scale chromatography columns Zhiwu Fang. Monocot Cell Culture Richard Brettell. Nanomaterials Incorporated Bioelectronics Chenzhong Li. Oils, Microbial Production Sayaku Shimizu. Organosilicon compounds Takuo Kawamoto. Oxidation of alkenes by bacterial monooxygenases Thomas Smith.

Oxygen Transfer Rate Determination: Peptides Hans von Dohren. Phenylalanine Dehydrogenase Yasuhisa Asano. Pichia, optimization of bioseparatiin expression. Plant cell culture, secondary product accumulation Jian-Jiang Zhong.

Encyclopedia of bioprocess technology: fermentation, biocatalysis, and – Google Books

Plant Cell Cultures, Photosynthetic J. Pluronic Polyols, cell protection David Murhammer. Polysiloxanes, Biocatalytic Functionalization Martin Bertau. Process Monitoring Anthony Turner. Protein aggregation and precipitation, measurement and control Catherine Schein.

Protein Glycosylation Susan Brooks. Protein synthesis and secretion from animal cells Randal Kaufman. Protein Ultrafiltration Andrew L.