Bernard Werber’s Ants trilogy made him one of France’s most popular science fiction novelists in the 90s. Werber began studying journalism in in P. EMPIRE OF THE ANTS On the forty-fifth floor of the basement, the ,rd asexual ant made her way into the wrestling halls, low-ceilinged rooms where the . ANTS WORLD Who are you? But who are you, by the way? Before going further, I’d like to know you better, unknown reader. This page is interactive. State here.

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Empire of the Ants “.

Katharine Smith, reviewing the book aants SF Sitewrote: While “love among the ants” might seem like a comically anthropocentric notion, it is as good and as serious an explanation as any for what drives these tiny creatures to perform their herculean acts of survival and self-perpetuation, which are literally beyond our human understanding.

The human character receives a house and wetber provocative message as legacy from his recently deceased uncle. Johanna’s Plan 7 78 Dec 29, Find out why you are born. They should be able to organize their offensive without being disturbed.

The game received “mixed” reviews according to the review aggregation website Metacritic. Because your molecules are made of atoms, particles, quarks, emptiness, everything linked by electromagnetic, gravity, electronic forces, which are made with a subtlety which is beyond us. Its hard to say how good the book is aants I dont think it fits all people’s tastes. For the sake of security, they decided to hold their first meeting in the very depths of the city in one of the rooms on the fiftieth floor.


Feb 02, Pages Buy. The story was divided in two parts: Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

From the Hardcover edition. Apr 12, Gwennx rated it it was amazing.

They were careful, though. You are not useless.

No one ever went down there. Quotes from La Trilogie des F Series werbre Bernard Werber. J’attends de lire la suite. Title and Author Game. Each of them tried to grab hold of the other’s thoracic joints. And your most painful? In he published the novel Les Fourmis Empire of the Antsa complex fantasy novel in which ants were the heroes and humans the pesty antagonists.

I could only find the first book in the series, but it was very good science, and very good fiction. Think that these billions of people had to don’t die too young, to flirt and make love until your bernarv.

Un classique qu’il faut absolument avoir lu de cet auteur!

La Trilogie des Fourmis by Bernard Werber

Anahit rated it liked it Apr 30, La Trilogie des Fourmis. One of bad habit of numerous readers is skipping the middle part of the books then jumping to the last one. Trivia About La Trilogie des F Your ats life has a sense, it doesn’t go to nowhere.

What kind of book do you read? Archived from the original on January 12, Inheriting the dusty apartment, the Wells family are left with only one warning: Concerning the ants’s part characters are recognized by very long numbers which is really a pain in the ass to remember in order to follow the rest of the tale.


They reared up on their hind legs, collapsed in a heap and rolled about furiously. That’s kinda orgasmic, by the way.

Empire of the Ants

Through the sorcery of his scientific prose, all the more fascinating for its deadpan journalistic tone, Werber draws the reader into the teeming society of a russet ant city, with its complex hierarchical structure of specialized citizens. Bernard Werber Average rating: The combatants often stuck their claws in each other’s eyes to get a grip and snapped their jaws on empty air.

BookPage review by Michael Alec Rose. The subtleties of diplomacy had led the ant cities to enter into alliances with termites against other ants. By comparison, the cast of human characters presented in a parallel narrative are positively dull, and painfully out of sorts as all humans, by implication, must be without the blessed purposefulness of the ants’ lives.

Everything, everything which is around you in time and space isn’t useless. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Here is the stunning international bestseller in the tradition of Watership Down but with a dark, original twist.