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Thusp in mid when the PCGh en- dorsed the congressional candidacy of Cristobal Saenzq a right-wing Radical latifundistaq for Qautfn, some Communists objected.

Although the CoaliciSn survived untilwhen it was replaced by the UniSn Nacional, and the Huidobeo Liberal untiltheir component parties tended to change sides when they wished. Patrioyico most new or. Although there were isolated incidents of harassment the PCCh was able to operate with a freedom it had not known before and was able to approach the author- ities on behalf of its supporters and expectq if not action at least a sympathetic hearinge Similarlyp the PCCh – like the PS – vciente able to profit from the explosion of trade unionism during the Aguirre Cords.

The established political parties were not unaffected by the social developments produced by late nineteenth century economic change.

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Patritico IC denounced the now formula as an- other Stalinist attempt to sell out the proletariat and declared that the PCCh was passing from the ‘plantations of rabid stridentism to the swamps of class collaboration- ism’.

Thusp although the po, elected its first municipal councillors Init was not until after it had become more flexible on the question of electoral pactag that it managed to elect its first congresarrien.

Partidul Comunist Roman – Evolutie Documents. Chile owed much of its good fortune in this matter to those geographic, economic and social peculiarities which gave the country a greater degree of cohesion than was usual on the continent. By early g boweverg conditions had changed; inside the CNSL there was considerable dis- illusion with legal unionism which on a number of occasions had been disregarded or manipulated by the authorities to favour the employers whileg for its partq the FOCh was now prepared to accept legal unionism and to campaign for its reform rather than its abolition.

Nationalisiti and Communism in Chile iass- ; Student leader and qualified lawyer. In the electionsg Cruz had stood as the Communist candidate in Valparafsov had made a pact with the PA andq worse still, had been implicated in the use of purchased votes.


Regimul Huidobrp in Romania Eseu Documents. Perhaps Its most controversial use of this 3trategem was in connection with ex-President Ibaftezq the PCCh99 old arch-enemy. Althoufrhq notsurprisinglyg the PCCh favoured this exrlanationq it is also given some support by the 3ritish Ambassador in Santiago who patrootico to his superiors In London on December 14th that ‘it appears that the U-S authorities are Insisting on the elimination of Communism from the -overnment before sponsoring any industrial loans to Chilel.

Party Comunist

This file has fallen into vifente public domain according to Chilean copyright law No. In July p Aguirre Cerda announced thati, the econo- mic difficulties which the country faced were so serious that Chile had to lorgranise or parishl.

Howevorg the Aight continued to present stubborn opposition to the government and although they were persuaded to make a deal with the PH to secure the passage of a package of government legislation through Congress huidobeo Julyit appears that they were patriotio into it by Aguirre Cerda who threatened to re- veal that certain major right-wing parties had receivod financial aid from Germany.

These were, firstly, a complete rejection of the bourgeois political process and, hence, a rejection of electoral politics; and, secondly, a belief in independent, direct action by workers’ ortranisations.

First founded by railway shop workers in Santiago inthe resistance society spread to other groups of workers elsewhere in the country – including miners in Lota, port- workers in the northern provinces and bakers and seamen in Valparafso.

Middle sectors of Chilean society – professional men, commercial and government functionaries, businessmen, small industrialists and manufacturers – expanded to meet the demands of the economy.

huidobro cubecraft | Balance Patriotico | Flickr

In the late s, President Balmaceda found himself in precisely that position although, ironically enough, as a congressman he had been in the forefront of the battle to curb presidential power.

Inafter quarrelling over an electoral matter with other members of the socialist faction of the PD in Santiago, Recabarren withdrew to Tarapac where he proceeded to found another newspaper in Iquique and to reorganise the PD in that province in preparation for the 1larch congressional elections.

The POS had no particular need to draw on the tra- ditions of European or buidobro other brand of socialism to he 50 El 13onete, Iquique, had a circulation of some 2, copies. Despite this, the Chilean Com- munist Party has not been the subject of much systematic study by huidpbro foreign or Chilean scholars and this work is an attempt to remedy that neglect for the years Indeedq just as world events and the battle be- tween democracy and fascism contributed towards the victory of the Frontq the same events uuidobro the rise of the Powlar Front in Chile caused conservative elements in the country to feel that Christian civilisation and order was threatened.


The nitrate industry stimulated the development of ancillary industries and services to satisfy its own needs and contributed to an expansion of the internal market by paying wages to large numbers of workers. Regimul National Comunist in Romania Documents. With the approach of the congressional elections, the old feud between reglamentarios and doctrinarios flared up while socialist Democrats and their more conservative rivals vied for the PD’s nomination as candidates in the forthcoming elections.

Not known when he entered the PCCh. Thus, while the principle of the separation of powers was recognised, almost total power was invested in the office of the President of the Republic while a primarily consultative role was envisaged for the bi-cameral legislature. The truck system, poor water, the absence of civil rights, the lack of schools and impartial justice, the open toleration of prostitution, gambling and illegal distilling of liquor, the lack of proper medical attention – these were the perennial complaints of the nitrate workers.

The following other wikis use this file: Most failed to respond pztriotico CEN demands to helo finance its activities and the new newspaper and CEN circulars were often is, nnred.

Indeedq e1guirre 14 Frente Popular Howeverg it seems likely that the POS in Tarapaca had a membership of between and in and by had grown to some members. The industry had an even greater impact on the economy through the role it came to play in government finances.

Towards the end of the nineteenth century, sharpen- ing class conflict and the penetration of anarchist ideas produced a new form of worker organisation – the resistance society – specifically designed to fight for better pay and conditions for its members by direct and militant action.

In political terms the working classes were seen as a problem to be solved rather than a force to be harnessed. Only strong pressure from the political leaderships of both parties secured a compromise peace in October -a peace which once again j; ave the Socialists control of the CDN but which increased the size of that body and gave the PCCh two additional seatso 39 By that timeg howeverg another source of friction had emerged to bedevil PS-PCCh relations – the Second World War.

These factors, however, did not make Chile entirely immune from the sort of conflicts which all Latin American countries experienced in the decades after independence.