Edmunda Wiercińskiego (Wrocław, Poland); (“Księga Rodzaju 2”); Katarzyna Figura (Warszawa, Poland); (“Badania terenowe nad ukraińskim seksem”). Na podstawie powieści Oksany Zabużko Badania terenowe nad ukraińskim seksem. Сучасний ідеал чоловіка в жіночій літературі. На основі роману Оксани. Międzynarodową sławę i sukces przyniosły jej “Badania terenowe nad ukraińskim seksem”. Ostatnia powieść Zabużko – “Muzeum porzuconych.

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It’s interesting to finish writing this review whilst reading Elena Ferrante’s quartet: Member feedback about Olsztyn: The best part of the book also proved to be the most problematic to me, namely, the insight into another country’s neurosis. It’s not so much a book to love or hate.

Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex by Oksana Zabuzhko

She was a signatory of the Charter 77 proclamation. This is a painful, occasionally hard to badaniz narrative of the grotesque end of a love affair punctuated with small and devastatingly perceptive mini-treatises on writing, art, trust in other humans, the sta This book is amazing. Zabuzhko’s narrator switches between first, second and third person as she speaks of herself, creating a stream of consciousness as comfortable as a pair of worn-in boots.

Zabuzhko’s volleys ukrxinskim anger are set apart from a hundred other rage-fuelled, more-or-less feminist fictionalised rants by the magnitude of her intellectual force and wit, and her and her translator Halyna Hryn’s verbal dexterity. Overall, a decent read. Quite painful throughout and also because for a moment I wondered if it was really just a version of 50 Shades of Grey There are no discussion topics on this book ukrainsoim.

Feb 17, Ironman Ninetytwo rated it it was amazing Shelves: This blistering sarcasm creates glamour from its very absence: I think it can best be described as a master class in philosophy delivered in a slightly torrential form.


A man as muse to a female artist – including nadania the relationship is stormy – is an idea that’s getting more exposure now than it used to, but I’ve never yet seen it so well described as by Zabuzhko: The ideas are the true stars of this program. View all 5 comments.

Autumn events in Poland Revolvy Brain ukkrainskim. That death, no matter what form it takes, is first and foremost an ugly business. A literary Pre Cana I’m not quite sure how original the allegory between personal consent and national consent was, but it was personal.

Inthe government falsely accused her of making pornographic photographs leading to sekwem ban from performing in the country until The point is to chew it.

That allusion apart, I was so taken with Zabuzhko’s writing that I forgot I must be missing references to books I hadn’t read, until her fellow Ukrainian Bulgakov was invoked in a dreamlike scene near the end: A little confusing in parts 2nd-person, 3rd-person, missing time references but ultimately illuminating and it merits another read.

They are all people I recognized from my life in Ukraine. Want to Read seksfm. In four years of owning this Kindle, I’d never before encountered the message “you have reached the clipping limit terfnowe this item”.

Ugrešić, Zabużko i Mabanckou na Festiwalu Conrada

And personally, I’m somewhat more comfortable with ulrainskim novels from other cultures because I don’t feel as if their generalisations imply I had negative experiences I never actually ukrainsikm, unlike the Anglo-American texts that have alienated and annoyed me. S PEN translation Prize and has been talked about on a couple of blogs.

This was lyric and beautiful. Even to one who has ignored such things on a smaller scale, and who knows the process well, the magnitude of what can be disregarded is, at first glance astounding. De geschiedenis van dat land komt in de tweede helft van het boek steeds meer op de voorgrond.


Oksana, more than the sensible Elena coolly analysing her environs, knows gothically passionate love as a literary meme that infected her: Joy and fear, America and Eastern Europe are invoked and mingled in their dealings: But bloody hell, what an awful man is this painter she falls for.

The Festival presents contemporary drama written after Be the first to ask a question about Fieldwork in Ukrainian Sex. Refresh and try again.

The first full-five-star book I’ve read in The prose style is rather unforgiving, but that really is the point. She is sarcastic, sharp and unfortunately rambling in her tug of war, with the love and hate she feels for her country, ukrainskin man, her life.

You can not skim this book. This is gritty and tough and absolutely requires the reader’s full attention. Read the full review on my blog, Scrabbled Rambles.

International Theatre Festival DEMOLUDY | Revolvy

I’m probably the intended audience outside of Ukrainian readers and even I found this novel hard to like. I enjoyed it very much. Allenstein listen ; Old Polish: They are all people I recognize from my life in the US.

Born in Lutsk, Ukraine, Zabuzhko studied philosophy at the Kiev University, where she also obtained her doctorate in aesthetics in I think I won’t be satisfied until I read this at least 2 more times.