Frank Bartleman; and a building, the Azusa Street Mission. On a short two-block street in downtown Los Angeles, Azusa Street is the most famous address. Azusa Street Testimonies. Frank Bartleman. Friday, June 15, at “Azusa,” the Spirit dropped the “heavenly chorus” into my soul. I found myself suddenly joining. From the pen of John Bartleman, an early leader of the Pentecostal movement, we have an eyewitness account of the “latter rain” when Pentecost moved from.

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In a similar Pentecostal service was conducted in Canterbury Cathedral in England. Race, gen Not just an eye witness account of the birth of the Pentecostal movement at the Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles, this book chronicles events before and after that Christian epoch as told by a senior participant, drawing on magazine articles, pamphlets and journals he wrote at that time.

In a memorable service, these charismatics rejoiced as Pope Paul VI gave his endorsement to the movement. It was exercised, as the Spirit moved the possessors, either in solo fashion, or by the company. He set out in slums, he first set out for the Middle Alley and Trout Street areas, and evangelized.

He describes how bartlman submission to God brings His presence, while attempts to organize, package, create programs, design “orders of worship” and sell His revelations in slick bartlemaan will quench the Spirit. The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and My people love to ztreet it so: We were shut up to God in prayer in the meetings, our minds on Him.

As the revival continued for three and one-half years at Azusa, services were held three times a day-morning, afternoon, and night. At the climax sgreet that service thousands spoke and sang in other tongues.

He had wandering feet. Suddenly the Spirit would fall upon the congregation.


To ask other readers questions about Azusa Streetplease sign up. In the black community, a rich social and religious life had developed during the last years of the century with numbers of Methodist, Baptist, and holiness churches located in the black community that centered around Bonnie Brae Street.

No cleanup reason has been specified. Then you will know how to be an instrument of God’s love and healing to others, change your life from ordinary to extraordinary, conquer fears that have defeated you, experience the presence of God for yourself, and become as effective as the early Christians. The following summer he began formal preparation for full-time ministry at Temple University. Although at the beginning of the revival blacks predominated, at the height of the meetings whites constituted a majority.


He could not use the self-only recognized opinionated. God himself would call them. It made no difference.

No one syreet to show himself. Death is not at all a pleasant experience. This should be required reading for anyone whose church traces their roots back to the Azusa Street Revival. Most of this work was done in the holiness rescue missions that were located in the central areas of the nation’s larger cities.

Great review of the history of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit frano Azusa Street. When he joined the “new order of priests” as a Pentecostal, he had no theological problem in accepting the tongues-attested baptism in the Holy Spirit. He also felt compelled to print and distribute tracts as part of his ministry. By this year, there are estimates of the number of Bwrtleman and Charismatics in the world that approach the 75, mark.

To see what your friends thought bratleman this book, please sign up. In the end, Bresee felt that the Azusa Street Pentecostal bordered on fanaticism and heresy by teaching that Christians are sanctified before they receive the baptism with the Holy Ghost, this baptism being a gift of power upon the sanctified life, and that the essential and necessary evidence of the baptism is the gift of speaking with new tongues, [which he called] a jargon, a senseless mumble.


Books by Frank Bartleman

It’s a great example of true worship where there is unity and other denominations laying aside their differences to experience the baptism of the Spirit. Less directly the fire spread to Chile under the ministry of the American Methodist missionary Dr. Soon he was on a “gospel wagon” making his first tour of the South.

It was a tremendous overhauling process. That being said, he had many good things to say. Want to Read saving….

Views Read Edit View history. There is very little real spirit of worship in them. While the wider world will ignore this book as it did the Azusa revival, the serious student of modern church history will find it interesting and uplifting.

Frank Bartleman – Wikipedia

A must read for the interested Pentecostal historian. A trip to Wales by Smale and an exchange of letters between Bartleman and Evan Roberts demonstrate a direct spiritual link between the move of God in Wales and the Pentecostal outpouring in Los Angeles in That this book is still in print suggests that the need and lessons of the Azusa revival are azus alive.

He died as he had lived–an independent. Alternate-cover edition can be found here Your faith will explode as you read Bartleman’s challenging insights into faith-filled living from bagtleman experiences at Azusa Azua.

No one knew what might be coming, What God would do. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The five major teachings of Azusa Street served as a standard for this first wave of Pentecostals.

Bartleman was a contributor to the following publications: In Denver that included over a hundred saloons.