THE STORY OF SAN MICHELE [AXEL MUNTHE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This work has been selected by scholars as being. Full text of “THE STORY OF SAN MICHELE”. See other formats. = 1 09 THE STORY OF SAN MICHELE THE STORY OF SAN MICHELE BY AXEL MUNTHE. No more a saint than Axel Munthe and nothing to compare with him, I know! it and doing so I was steered towards The Story of San Michele.

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His last words were asel he should be carried down in his litter to the boat that was to take him to his island home. I have had a few of them in mind in aan book as I saw them live, as I saw them suffer, as I saw them lie down to die. There is enough adventure, disease, disaster, narrow escapes, villains, and ordinary people to make you wonder how Munthe packed it all into a lifetime.

Now the Mar- quise wants thee to ask you if you think it might possibly develop into colitis and asks you to be so kind as to prescribe something for him, she says she feels sure you will understand his case better than anybody. Yes, they were eight sisters and brothers at home, and two were in Para- dise. Shory has a charmingly self-deprecating style though, so the endless unrolling of one brave struggle after another, with Munthe emerging as hero, is not offensive.

Ce garpon-la a le didble au corps! Join us by creating an account and start getting the best experience from our website! He later assisted in the cholera epidemic in Naples. Her aunt had been in tears for weeks when he died. He said he loved the place and was going to live there for ever.

Of course we spoke in Swedish, with a sort of Polar accent I picked up from fa’m.

At the start of his career he was the youngest person ever to have gr This is the autobiography of a gung ho doctor and adventurer, carrying a bag full of rich stories — some of them funny, others magical, others tragic. While in Lapland Munthe read of a cholera outbreak in Naples and at once travelled the 27 hours to the nearest railway station and then across Europe. I went back to Naples and took a hydrofoil my first to Capri.


But mnuthe 10 Julyeight months after he set off, his wife was told that his boat had been discovered drifting in mid-Atlantic. But I go further. A tall figure wrapped in a rich mantle stood by my side. And as often as not one of the old nuns, who had axe, a lifetime in the wards, saw Him coming just in time to put a crucifix on the bed.

Medical Classics: The Story of San Michele

The table of contents lists “Special Preface for the American edition” however it is missing in my copy. Nov 12, Bruce Beckham rated it really liked it.

I accept the bargain, I will pay the price, be it muntue it may. The Sory was up to the mark, a new disease was dumped on the market, a new word was coined, a gold coin indeed, COLITIS 1 It was a neat complaint, safe from the surgeon’s knife, always at hand when wanted, suitable to everybody’s taste. In the vineyard below the chapel stood an old man digging deep furrows in the soil for the new vines.

In any case I told him it was Charcot, to make sure he would give me more time and attention. Even to-day there is not seldom something vague and unsatisfactory about this diagnosis.

It is a series of overlapping vignettes, roughly but not entirely in michlee order. When Napoleon’s eagle eye flashed down the list of officers proposed for promotion to generals, he used to scribble in the margin of a name: Already I had become familiar with most of the afflictions which chained the sufferers in the wards to their beds.

His master was sitting in his chair staring straight before him without saying a word. But old Maria said I had better come with her first to get something to eat or I 8 YOUTH would not find anything and driven by hunger and thirst I reluctantly decided to follow her advice.


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Only when I disinfected the wound she got somewhat impatient, but there was no wrath in the subdued thunder of her voice, only disappointment that she was not allowed to lick it herself with her sharp tongue. Secondly, because michepe is inevitably liable to become a snob, if he is not one already, to let the Countess pass in before you, to examine the liver of the Count with more attention than that of his valet, to go to the garden-party at mmunthe Brit- ASILE ST.

The Story of San Michele – Wikipedia

Keep me logged in on this computer. Who would conquer in the end, He or Life? You are welcome to laugh incredulously at these busy Little People as much as you like, at your own risk and peril. The Count had long ago withdrawn his objections to doctors, in fact he was charming to me.

Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels 9 and prevailednot; neither was their place found any more in heaven. He died on his homeward journey in the villa of his friend Lucul- lus on the promontory over there.

What style do you want? He had cast off his animal dis- guise and become a dying human being.


Several of the most prominent figures in Munthe’s life are not mentioned in Story of San Michele. Though this is very personal account we don’t get that much about family matters. There they were lying for hours, for days in stadium algidum, cold as corpses, with wide open eyes and wide open wtory, to all appearances dead and yet still alive.