Chess Endings has 42 ratings and 3 reviews. Arlen said: This is the best endgame primer I’ve ever run across. In just a few pages, the author (renowned S . Averbakh’s “Chess Endings: Essential Knowledge”. As a first endgame book, this one is excellent. It’s not chatty—the author after all was a. Essential Chess Endings by James Howell. For the absolute basics, check out Yuri Averbakh’s Chess Endings: Essential Knowledge.

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As a first endgame book, this one is excellent. Have you ever heard the hackneyed phrase: Well, these are the endgames every Russian schoolboy learned first.

I never get endings in my own games. Besides, endgames are boring.

Not only do you learn how individual pieces function, teaching you the first principles of chess; you also gain confidence when playing your own tournament games because you have some glimmer of understanding about the more simplified positions your game is tending toward. You will no longer be afraid to let your games play out naturally, because you will start to have an idea of what to do when only a few pieces are left.


The summer before I started college, which is now 37 years ago—how the time slides by!

The book introduced me to the striking concept of coordinate squares and contained over positions, of which I slogged through probably fewer than Certainly my confidence exceeded my actual knowledge! There are several practical advantages of learning pawn endings, including:.

Best chess endgames book?

After all, it is always good to know if the exchange of the last pair of pieces is a good idea. Amateur Team Championship one year, I was able to score and win a new chess clock because of a trick along just these lines.

Mired in a dead-drawn rook and pawn endgame, I inveigled my opponent into trading rooks because the trade won a pawn for him. What I knew, but obviously he did not, was that his extra pawn was purely cosmetic and useless—and the resulting pawn endingw was a win for me!

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Averbakh’s “Chess Endings: Essential Knowledge” – The Chess Improver

Skip to content As a first endgame book, this one is excellent. There are several practical advantages of learning pawn endings, including: Tim Hanke Tim Hanke is a U. Sign up for Nigel’s Tiger Chess Newsletter. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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