This is the profile for the plant – Asphodelus aestivus / Summer Asphodel / Berwieq. Each plant profile in the database contains nomenclature info, botanical data. This has grown – quite literally – into one of our favorite plants. Much like an Eremurus or Foxtail Lily in effect as it gets long basal strappy leaves and a 4′-6′ tall. (syn: Asphodelus microcarpus) Asphodelus aestivus is an amazing summer- dormant lily relative that ranges from North Africa to Turkey. The evergreen, basal .

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Asphodelus – Wikipedia

The males are only produced in some species as the weather cools down, and the day length shortens. Balsam Twig Aphid Mindarus abietinus is greenish and covered in a white wax and is normally found on the young shoots of conifers bending and killing the needles.

Only comments or links that are felt to be directly relevant to a plant will be included. Seed – roasted[89, ].


Chaenomeles and Gladiolus species, new growth and leaves become infested aphodelus the aphid Aphis Gossypii. Aphids may be removed from a plant by hosing them off with water limited success or applying soapy water to aphids.

There, the leaves are already withered by the time the plants flower. Now placed in the family Asphodelaceae[3] the genus was formerly included in the lily family Liliaceae. Only applies for rare plants. The spear-head shaped seeds are black with tiny, white specs, 5mm x 3mm in size and maximum of 6 seeds per fruit capsule.

Right plant wrong place. Plants seem to be immune aestius the predations of rabbits [].

Retrieved 5 January Placed on a moist bed or slightly buried and kept warm will produce roots and shoots from the nodes. Division zsphodelus early spring or autumn []. Often found growing from underground tubers, bulbs or corms. Morinda citrifolia is attacked by the Giant African Snail Achatina fulica which defoliates trees. Buds are white with reddish-brown vertical stripes.


Acer species are also attacked by the Woolly Maple Aphid Phenacoccus acericola which covers the undersides of the leaves with a cotton-like mass Alnus species are infested with the Alder Blight Aphid Prociphilus tessellates which is blue-black aestkvus that forms woolly masses on the eastivus leaves. Acer species are attacked by several aphids including the Norway Maple Aphid Periphyllus lyropictus which is a greenish with brown markings and secret honeydew, preferring Acer platanoides.

QR Codes are asphodeluus that can be read by mobile phone smartphone cameras. The flowering stalk can also be cooked and eaten [89, ]. The winged adults deposit eggs at the base of the needles during spring and white woolly areas appear attached to the needles where the adult aphids feed. Acer species are also attacked by the Woolly Maple Aphid Phenacoccus acericola which covers the undersides of the leaves with a cotton-like mass.

They are found in moist forests, alpine meadows and grasslands, rarely in dry regions. There is also a commercially sticky yellow tape that can be attached to susceptible plants. It is a simple method of propagation that is used by amateurs and professionals for a small increase in plants. Fern species are attacked causing serious damage.

You may select the license of your choice. Clumping A plant that when multiplies forms a clump. Buying images for your projects will support this website. Prices reasonable and rated differently according size and resolution. When the immature nymphs resemble the adults. Buy Seeds and Docs. It prefers an open sunny position but tolerates semi shade and is drought tender but light frost tolerant.


Dried and boiled in water it yields a mucilaginous matter which can be mixed with grain to make a nutritious bread[4, ]. Aphids on Quercus robur Damage Caused Buds that have been attacked may not open, leaves and twigs become twisted or distorted and wilt.

Sowing seeds by placing them in to flats with the appropriate spacing or into individual pots.

White exoskeletons, honey dew and sooty mould indicate the presence of Aphids. Watering Ashpodelus For watering you may either mist the containers from above or place the container in tepid water and allow the water to raise through the pot to the surface of the media, then drain away and do not fill to the top of the container. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society. The last three photos were taken by Mary Sue Ittner showing a bud, flowers, and fruit.

Herbaceous perennials and multi-branched woody shrubs may develop large crowns that need dividing.

Species name :

The name is derived from a Greek aestius meaning sceptre. Flowers are held to the branched flowering stalks by 10mm long pedicels. There are six similar petal-like perianth segments in 2-whorls with members of one whorl in a different colour, size or shape.

The second photo from Hans Joschko.

When the weather is cold and dry, snails seal themselves into their shells where they survive, dormant, for years. This page was last edited on 23 Juneat