Mantras from the Vedas, Hindu prayers, Agnihotra Audio, The Havan Audio, Full Sandhya, Sandhya pdf. Arya Samaj Havan E-book, Arya. Users choose the occasion for the Havan, its duration, and then as the audio plays, can swipe between Mantra and meaning. Users can get instructions. O God! You are giver of life, remover of pains and bestower of happiness. O Creator of the universe! we meditate upon thy most adorable supreme light. May you.

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May we be free from fear during day as well as during night, and may all directions be friendly towards us.

Their followers, due to blind faith consider a small book as the supreme and the order of the god. We offer to you deep respect and praise. He is sinew-less, pure, and free from sins. O Lord, may we be free from fear from mid-regions, brighter regions, and the earth.

This way and only this way, can he escape influence of vicious deeds.

Salutations unto God, the most exalted, who rules the past, the present and the future, who controls the entire universe and alone is the lord of all. One should always be ready to accept truth and to renounce untruth.

Press f for fullscreen. May that all embracing peace remain eternally with us. From him the Atharva Veda took its birth and the Yajur Veda was produced by him. May the waters, medicinal herbs and all other vegetation be peaceful to us. I glorify all-knowing, ever-worshipful Lord of the universe, who existed before its creation, who is bestower of all cherished desires and master of all precious materials. May we not entertain fear from any quarter front, behind, above or below.

He God is all pervading, supreme spirit. By knowing him alone can one surpass the jaws havna death. You are giver of life, remover of pains and bestower of happiness. The Vedic Sanatan religion understands the completeness. God is existent, intelligent and blissful. Include This email address is being protected from spambots.


God is one, wise call him by many names. He whom the sinless ascetics behold ahvan pure and is like a light within the body. Contact Us View Larger Map. Our adoration to God, the blissful and the giver of all bliss; to the tranquil and the giver of tranquility; to the all-joy and the giver of joy!

Principles of Arya Samaj

All acts should be performed in accordance with Dharma that is, after deliberating what is right and wrong. O the prominent learned and noble people, augmenting your strength, giving up wickedness, invigorating all noble acts, make the world noble.

The prime object of the Arya Samaj is to do good to the world, that samaaj, to promote physical, spiritual and social good of everyone. Absolute is derived from the absolute. Here are some reasons why you should attend Havan at Arya Samaj every Sunday. The program starts at One should regard oneself under restriction to follow the rules of society calculated to promote the well being of all, while in following hvaan rules of individual welfare all should be free.

O self-illuminated Lord, cast out mantrxs us all manrtas is debasing and sinful, and lead us by the path of righteousness to the attainment of true knowledge and wordly riches. Our conduct towards all should be guided by love, righteousness and justice. When Havan is performed and air touches the burning fire and scientifically is purified just like water is boiled on fire and becomes purified.

All this whatsoever, moves in this universe, is pervaded by God. May the Vedas and the entire universe be suitable and peace-giving to us.

Principles of Arya Samaj |

What pleasure can one derive from the study of the Vedas without knowing the Supreme Being, the all-pervading, immortal and most excellent Lord, the knowledge of whom is the sole end of the Vedas, and in whom all the learned people with earth, sun and other worlds live, move and have their being.


Others and so-called religions does not have information at par with Vedic Sanatan religion but still they try to influence the whole world. It is the paramount duty of all Aryas to read them, teach them, recite them and to hear them being read.

The man should desire to live in this world, doing always virtuous deeds, without desire for reward for a hundred years or more. For more information, please contact Acharya Surya Nanda Ji or by e-mail at snnanda68 gmail.

O God, Thou are the creator of the whole world! There is no other way for the achievement of the desired destination.

The three dimensions of Vedic Sanatan religion are 1 Spiritualistic knowledge Adhyatmik gyan. May that mind of mine be of divine qualities and noble resolves. He ssamaj the right knowledge of things through the Vedas, the eternal source of knowledge, to his eternal children, the souls.

The one supreme ruler, the universal soul within all beings, is the one who makes one form manifold.

The completeness of Vedic religion: I declare this speech of the four Vedas, for all the people, irrespective of their gender or status in their society, so as to do good to them in this world and after.

He alone is worthy of being worshiped. Aadhibhautik gyan- Complete celestial objects fall in its ambit, including galaxy, sun, planets and from earths to the knowledge of creation of all earthy objects.

May we move in the society of the learned and the pious who are charitably disposed and non-violent in their deeds. Lead us from death to immortality.