A Árvore do Conhecimento (Maturana & Varela, ). 1 like. Book. A Arvore Do Conhecimento – Humberto Maturana e Francisco Varela. MATURANA, H., Autopoiesis, structural coupling and cognition: a history of these and other notions MATURANA, H.; VARELA, F., De Máquinas e seres vivos: autopoiese, a organização do MATURANA, H.; VARELA, F., A árvore do conhecimento: as bases biológicas do entendimento humano [The tree of knowledge].

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Tree of Knowledge by Humberto R. Extremely well structured and well explained.

Jan 05, David Sousa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I’d have been cool with it if he had had the results and methods to back it up like Newton did, only he wasn’t such a dick about itbut he didn’t. This condition gives rise to possibilities of interaction, that in many lineages give rise to behaviour, and in some language, and in curren I like reading these technical books but I can never quite hang on to enough of the wow moments and ‘penny drops’ to keep it in my consciousness or communicate it to others properly but I’ll give it maturaja go.

I think the big concept is autopoiesis, which is that in living things there is an internal unity and divider between the living thing and the environment. We experience reality as autonomous unities in “structural coupling” with the environment which, for each of us, include other beings as well.

Nov 24, Antonio marked it as to-read. The theory is built from scratch to explain the natural emergence of these phenomena in biological systems, and it leads us to beautifully conclusion that the mind is shared, it emerges in social contexts and love is the guiding force maturaan the phenomenon. Awe are all a product of our history.

We indicate this process when we call that organization that defines them an autopoietic organization. Does nervous system limit predictions?


Structural dynamics allow observation, from which predictions can be made — those predictions can be limited by 1. Reproduction the fracture of a unity to create two unities of the same classhowever, is necessarily historical.

His work has been influential in many fields, mainly the field of systems thinking and cybernetics. I read it twenty years ago, ro having the privelege of attending a workshop with the author, a delightful shamen of a man. I purposefully read this book three times in order to better comprehend as much as possible.

Variation are the differences of structure in that series. It is not just that we are different because we learned different things. I like reading these technical books but I can never quite hang on to enough of the wow moments and ‘penny drops’ to keep it in my consciousness or communicate it to others properly but I’ll give it a go.

A árvore do conhecimento, cap. 5 e 6 (Maturana e Varela) by Angélica Santos on Prezi

A nervous system expands our possible behaviors by inserting a network with a huge range of possible patterns between our sensory and motor surfaces. A conflict is always a mutual negation. Our experience, however, is one of creative freedom; and in the way we see things, the behavior of higher animals seems unpredictable. I know that may seem like a petty complaint, given the nature varelw the book, but this is major leagues conceit we are talking matufana.

Now, those who do not live with objectivity in parentheses have a passion for changing the other. Through existing we “put forth a world” that is a result not of direct contact with “objective external realit This is the best book I’ve read probably since I began to read. Jan 04, Oliver Hodson rated it it was amazing. For me the good parts constitute the last two chapters and the afterword.

Tree of Knowledge

This characterizes them as autonomous systems. Make a label for your bookshelf: Unities may couple via inclusion think organelles or recurrent coupling with the maintenance of individual identities individual humans. It is the neuronal system that causes the hand to withdraw. Thus, the world a 21st century American woman perceives and lives in, though ‘objectively’ the same, is filled with values, notions or lack thereof of right, wrong, old, new, roles, goals, that are for the most part wildly different than the ones through which, say, a native Mongolian in the 15th century perceived.


This can be easily demonstrated.

Francisco Varela – Citácie služby Študovňa Google

It is highly accessible, requires no prior understanding of its subjects beyond basic high school biologyand will enable you, if you give yourself into it, to become someone new – or, rather, to be more aware of what you are, and what you are not. His ultimate message is that human beings are biologically programmed for love, and that love and relationship in language is what makes us human. Adaptation in response to a single change in the environment affects the organism in a global way.

I’ve read that and am working through the book which, as well as anything else, is a useful primer for a layperson on cell formation, reproduction, evolutionary ‘drift’ and this will form the basis of a progression to more human behavioural and sociolinguistic phenomena with this biological base.

For instance, the overall tone of the book was extremely arrogant. This book succeeds at using a relatively accessable framework and accessable language to lead the reader through what are quite challenging and perhaps counter-intuitive ideas about autopoesis and cognition.