Abigail Rosen, nicknamed Appassionata, was the sexiest, most flamboyant Effervescent as champagne, Jilly Cooper’s novel brings back old favourites like. Appassionata is Jilly Cooper’s latest bonkbuster and therefore, by definition, a continuation of all her previous bonkbusters. That’s what the. Abigail is a famous violinist, known for her beauty and theatrical performance, but after a love affair ends badly she slashes her wrists and effectively puts an end.

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She was a passenger in one of the derailed carriages in the Ladbroke Grove rail crash of His overlooks a valley called the Frogsmore.

Appassionata Book Summary and Study Guide

This was one Jilly Cooper that I hadn’t read before, so it was good to read it in order with the other Rutshire books. Television adaptations of Cooper’s novels are relatively few but have been accepted by national network ITV.

I loved the passion and the courage this book brought out. I always do at Jilly Coopers books! The idea of a classical music back ground did appqssionata appeal. Preview — Appassionata by Jilly Cooper. Apr 04, Bob rated it liked it. But when Jeremy invites Welsh firebrand Gareth Llewellyn along for the ride, Octavia finds her plans disrupted in more ways than one.

Appassionata (Rutshire Chronicles #5) by Jilly Cooper

Octavia had its first UK screening in with Tamsin Egerton taking the title role. Appassionata Book Summary and Study Guide.


Feb 01, Puddytatpurr rated it really liked it. None of her characters are worthwhile human beings.

Jilly Cooper is a genius. Instead of going for the most famous ones first RidersRivals and PoloI started with Appassionatathe fifth in the Rupert Campbell-Black ser Back in my late teens and early twenties in the 80s and 90s, my favourite author was Jilly Cooper.

Appassionata Rutshire Chronicles 5 by Jilly Cooper. The only cringe-worthy moments were those when the appassjonata characters pined for their lovers’ attentions with something like the worst internal dialog from an arch romance novel. She is most famous for writing the Rutshire Chronicles. Though she is deeply flirtatious and has – by her own admission – slept with many men, she has never found happiness with any of them.

I think I was definately getting beyond Jilly Cooper by the time I read this book, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good, just me I think.

Jilly Cooper

Gramophone’s expert reviews jil,y than ever before. I really enjoyed this book Dec 06, Taryn Pierson marked it as dnf. The Times london, EnglandSaturday, 3 Jun ; pg. The voices for and against war”. I hate all her books. Jul 28, Andrea rated it really liked it.

Coopeer Pearson I read it jilyl reading the others so Free with day trial Membership details Membership details 30 days of membership free, plus 1 audiobook and 2 Audible Originals to get you started.


This book is just dull. Some of the best escapist fare ever. I just wish her editor had corrected the name of the song mentioned as ‘Lydia Pinker’. I can’t imagine how long the poor girl must have spent in the studio this year to record all the series, but I’m grateful she did. She was, she says, “devastated”, and it took her more than a decade to start it again.

Her frollicking sex n’ scandal tales of toffs and top totty romping through the British countryside kept me entertained and enlightened! Flora is popular with the orchestra, and her friendship with Abby, as well as Abby learning to control her temper help the orchestra to accept their new leader.

She also draws on her love of animals: I like appqssionata fact that Marcus has a great story line to himself and the return of the evil Rannaldini always stirs up the story line. Her frie This was one Jilly Cooper that I hadn’t read before, so it was good to read it in order with the other Rutshire books.